Guide for the extinguisher: Protect your kitchen

By June 27, 2019
fire extinguisher for kitchen

A kitchen is the only place where there is the maximum number of possibilities of trapping into hazards. And the most common danger in the kitchen is getting trapped by the Fire. The fire can catch the things in the kitchens from the range on which you are working, or due to the leakage of the cylinders which are a major cause nowadays. Hence, to protect the family from the hazards of the kitchen one has to buy a fire extinguisher for kitchen. Yes, nowadays there is much-modified fire extinguisher for kitchen which one can buy. You just have to see what kind of work you are doing in the kitchen and if you think that your kitchen may get trapped into the fire then you can buy a fire extinguisher for kitchen.

Why buy a specific Fire extinguisher for the kitchens?

Yes, as the work being done in the kitchen is different and the type of things in the kitchen is quite different from the rest of the home. Hence, you have to buy a different fire extinguisher for kitchen so that it can control the fire in case of an emergency.

What is the size of the fire extinguisher used in the kitchens?

The recommended size for the fire extinguishers in the kitchen is 5 pound.

Also, it is recommended that if you are buying the same just look for a rechargeable model which also has a hose for the easy use of the product.

What are the advantages of buying the fire extinguisher for the kitchen?

As when you are the kitchen and some of the things get trapped into the fire then there the fire can spread at the increasing rate due to the objects present in the kitchen.

Hence, one has to fire extinguisher to control the fire at the initial stage.

It will also help to protect your home from any big accident.

How to use the fire extinguishers:

To use the fire extinguisher there are 4 safety measures which are generally followed.

The safety measures are all together in short form known as PASS.

What is a PASS?

  1. P – Pull the safety pin of the fire extinguisher in order to open it.
  2. A – Aim the source of Fire instead of aiming at the flame and always remember to stand six feet away from the Fire.
  3. S – Squeeze the trigger of the fire extinguisher and hold it and ensure that the extinguisher is exactly an upright in the position.
  4. S – Sweep the source of the flame from where the fire is coming and do it until the extinguisher dries completely.

Hence, you have to follow the above-mentioned steps properly. Also, remember to refill the fire extinguisher for future use once the fuel has been dried.

You also get many video tutorials on YouTube where you can see how exactly the extinguishers are being used.

So, if you are planning to buy a separate fire extinguisher for kitchen then you can get the knowledge for the same from the information provided above. Even you can search for more details on Google and you can choose the brand name of the extinguisher. But remember before purchasing any product you have to ensure that the product is good enough and if you are planning to purchase online then you can read the customer reviews online first before purchasing the product to ensure the quality.

For any other queries, you can search for the same on the Internet or you can leave your valuable comments in the comment box and we will reach you are soon as possible.

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