Five Ways To Improve Your Tweets Quality

By May 25, 2019
improve tweets quality

Social media has various types of platforms to bring the people closer to each other and Twitter is one of the stunning platforms. Twitter provides people the facility of chatting, interacting, ideas, views and news sharing on the common ground.

Twitter is a wonderful platform for business marketing; it attracts people to visit the worldwide popular platform. The question arises in the minds, how to improve your Tweet quality so that you could get more traffic on your account.CER

By following these five simple ways, you are all set to grow your tweets.

1.Use appropriate Hashtags

The appropriate use of hashtags can improve the quality of your Twitter account: tweets, re-tweets, and replies. Select at least 2-3 hashtags per tweet. And add them without showing into your messages.

2.Post-Unique Visual Contents

You need to post unique visual contents such as photos and videos. Visual contents have the power to grab the attention of the audience. Beautiful and unique pictures have the capacity to force people to stay on your post for a long time. If you post videos on your account, the audience will spend a little longer time, and you will succeed in getting more engagement on your account.

You need to remember some tips:

  • The typical Image size for tweets is 1024 x 512px
  • Photos to take up 22 of your 140 characters (for now – Twitter recently has declared an update that removes this obligation, though it’s not live for all users yet).
  • Twitter gives you the opportunity to upload up to 4 images at once, which some brands have gone really creative with.

3. Scrutinize the Right Time to Tweet

Time management is the main organ in the face of success in any field. Give importance to time. If you care for time, time will care for you. It is only time that can drive you to the peak of success.

To improve your tweets, time plays an essential role. You will have to be active and smart keeping in view the real time of your customers to come on the post. It is necessary for you to log in at the same time when your followers are online.

You should tweet when they are online, and then they will reply to your tweets. You should also respond to them and repost your tweet.

We can help you understand what the best time for your tweets is?

  • The tweets that are sent between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. get the most clicks on average.
  • The extraordinary number of clicks per tweet occurs between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., rising between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m.
  • The only few clicks per tweet appear in the morning (when tweet volume is especially high), between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

After that process, you need to check out the ratio of your followers by using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to manage tweets. Tweriod is also an effective tool for checking out the tweets and followers.

Testing and analyzing the impressions and tracking click-through is the best thing for you to do, in order to make your quality better.

4.Add some new authentic links & calls to Action

You need to add some new authoritative links and calls to action in order to optimize the quality of your tweets. When you succeed in optimizing the quality of your tweet, you will definitely get Twitter followers on your account.

This process of adding new authentic links is like the key to success in achieving the goal of optimizing your tweets. 

You can also share new and authentic links on your post so that more people tend to follow you.

5.Tweet for several times

Now I am going to share with you a top secret tip for improving the quality of your tweets. Dear readers don’t be reluctant in re-posting any of your tweets that have been posted ever before. You can re-tweet any of your previous image, videos or other material in written form such as stories, jokes, quotes, etc.

Seize the opportunity of your best performing, click-adding tweets and send them out again for extra attention. You are allowed to use tweets to direct traffic to older, evergreen content.

Now at the end of my article, I would like to share some practical and essential tips with you.

  • Avoid overloading your tweets with hashtags. You may consider this helps and taps into trends, but it looks odd and queer, unethical and decreases the ultimate shareablity of your tweets. So, you must try to avoid overloading your tweets with hashtags.
  • Never start tweets with @mentions.  You must never begin to tweets with @mentions. Doing this limits the clarity of tweets to you, the proprietor of the @mention handle, and any common followers you may have.
  • Don’t toot your own horn too hard. This can be unusually damaging if you’re a small business and you don’t already have a strong fan following. Rather, behave as a neutral and trustworthy information source to build respect for your business.
  • Be careful while writing and never over-write your tweets.  You need to be cautious while writing and never over-write your tweets. The 140-character limit can be your friend by shoving you to craft pure, punchy and powerful tweets. Don’t spoil it by trying to squeeze too much info into a single tweet, and avoid shortening words such as ‘you’ to ‘u.’
  • You should avoid tweet just for the purpose of it. Tweet recurrence isn’t valued so much as tweet quality and tweet engagement, in the eyes of both Twitter’s algorithm and your own followers.


You need to be extraordinarily careful and smart while posting anything in your tweets and tagging your tweets with other accounts. Time is also valuable so try to be punctual and regular. Any kind of negligence may harm your tweets. If your tweets are not stable and mature, you will face the music. Now, you should try to use these five simple tweaks and see what happens. I hope this post will help you to improve the performance of your tweets and it will bring more traffic on your account

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