Features To Look For Marine Radar For Sale

By May 31, 2019
Features To Look For Marine Radar For Sale

The marine radar (detection and radio range) is used to detect objects and their position in relation to their location. It works by sending a radio signal. When the signal reaches an object, it is reflected back into the radar unit, which can calculate the object’s heading.

For sailors who frequently venture out in the open water high-tech marine radar is invaluable. It is useful for detecting boats, birds in mass and weather systems, even when visibility conditions are not favorable.

Marine Radar: Main Characteristics To Search

The two most important features of any marine radar for sale are the transmitter power and the beam angle. The power can oscillate between 2 and 4 kilowatts. The higher the power, the better you can see your transmitter through fog and rain and the farther the signal can go. Power is a factor in how well your radar does in adverse weather conditions. Blinding rain can make the low-powered marine radar less effective.

The size is actually the main determinant of the beam’s angle, the antenna on your marine radar. An elongated antenna will produce a narrow beam that provides good discrimination between nearby objects. A short antenna has a wider beam angle that allows the radar to scan a wider area at a time. You can customize and configure the antenna as per your requirement. Moreover, you can purchase it separately.

Guard Zone Alarm

Contemporary radar for sale allows you to establish a zone of guard circumfusing your vessel. All you need to do is input a minimal distance of safety that will shoot an alarm. On the offset that your boat comes across a buoy, ground, or another obstacle near your guard area, the alarm will ring to put you on an alert.

Split Screen Screens

Split screens allow you to monitor objects near your boat and objects that are further away at the same time. This feature is useful, among other things, to navigate buoys when you leave the coast and head towards a more distant place.

Better Use of The Marine Radar

One of the best features of the marine radar for sale is its ability to determine where it is from where it was a few minutes ago. This “echo trail” function can be used to determine how well you are navigating an obstacle, as well as how well you maintain the course you have set for your boat. The trace of the echo is displayed on the radar screen so you can quickly assess what is happening.

Integrated Marine Radar and GPS / Chartplotters

Marine radars are quite expensive; Many units run in thousands of dollars. It’s a good idea to talk to other boaters and see what they are using and what features they like before committing so much money. To make the most of your investment, look for marine radars that are already built into other marine electronic devices, such as GPS units and plotters. The integration of its marine components reduces the complexity of its visualizations and reduces the overall cost of the items. Although sometimes you have to commit to the features of each component offered in the integrated package, integrated marine radars offer good value for amateur boaters.

One of the great things about modern marine radar systems is that they plot the relative position of other ships over time. Instead of being just abstract points on the screen that transmits little information, other vessels appear like a clue through the area. Your movements are shown with clear details, allowing you to easily assess which other vessels pose a threat to you and take appropriate action.