Dyslexia: What are the Warning Signs?

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Swati, a 4-year-old girl whose mother is extremely concerned about her performance in class. Anand, a 6-year-old boy who can not recall what he learns at school. Priya a 9-year-old student who faces difficulty in reading even normal words. Swati, Anand and Priya are just like other normal children when it comes to playing or other activities but when it comes to studying or learning new things, they lag behind. Most of you must be thinking that maybe they are not bright students or maybe they are not making enough efforts. Well, it’s not so. Being parents we want our children to excel in all fields and as such we start comparing them with other children. However we do not realise that different kids learn at different paces and if your child is facing problems with learning things, it might be an indication of dyslexia.

Most of the parents do not know how to tackle such a situation and how to help their child. If you really want to want to help your child, you can only do it by educating yourself about the problem. All the leading preschool franchises in Delhi conduct special parent-teacher workshops to educate the parents about the problem and how they can tackle it. Apart from this, all the necessary information about the problem is easily available online. It is important to watch out for the warning signs. The leading Preschool in Ghaziabad enlists a few warning signs that indicate that your child may be suffering from dyslexia. These are as under:
 Your child speaks like a younger kid and faces a lot of difficulty in communicating verbally. Mispronunciation of words is very common. This happens due to delayed language development as a result of which the child is not able to interact with others and tends to stay aloof. This leads to other issues like social anxiety and self-esteem problems.
 Your child will face difficulty in recalling the name of different things. This happens due to the inability of the brain to process language normally hereby making it difficult to recognize things by their correct name.
 Your child may experience difficulty in following your instructions and requires frequent reminders. He/she tends to forget things very easily.
 Your child may find it very difficult to break words into individual sounds and as such struggle with rhyming words.

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