Diet Plans After Hernia Repair Surgery

By June 25, 2019
Diet After Hernia Surgery

When the inner abdominal muscles weaken down thereby causing your abdominal wall in that part, to protrude out. In the United States, The surgical procedure has developed into fairly common phenomenon from what the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons has, with close to about 600,000 repairs taking place in a year. Although there is no set apart diet chart, our present write-up is to suggest a special diet to our readers, post-surgery, to stay fit.

The Diet Plans

  • Depending on the time passed after Hernia Repair Surgery, you need to prepare a proper diet plan to stay healthy. In the first few days remaining strictly in a liquid diet is pretty advisable. What the diet encompasses, is that; usage of translucent liquids which consist of the following:
  • apple juice,
  • tea,
  • broth,
  • fruit ice
  • gelatin.

If you’re asking what good these do is that the translucent liquid diet can enable you to stay moisturized post-surgery. However, this diet does not provide a high-quality dietary value and is stumpy in calories. Please note that this diet must only be used for a petite phase of time.

  • The medications for the after hernia repair operational pain and deficiency of work out may lead to constipation. To improve on your bowel movement you need to drink ample amount of fluids and eat plenty of fiber-rich foodstuffs. While needs for the fluids differ with respect to your activity and the climate of where you live, you need to aspire towards an intake of at the least, 8 cups per day. The fluids might rangfe from Water to 100 % fruit juice to decaf tea without sugar or coffee as well as broth with low salt. For high-fiber food you could start eating fruits, whole grains, beans and vegetables.
  • Dairy foodstuffs are exceptional sources of protein, essential to the healing of your gut post-surgery. Although it is a common belief that people consider dairy products to be the foodstuffs that could cause constipation. However, proofs exist that dairy products are capable of improving secretions in your lungs. Therefore avoid eating dairy food in case you have a chronic cough. However, in case you are eating dairy foods without constipation, you should concern yourself with eating low-fat stuff, like skimmed milk, yogurt or curd, and cottage cheese. But if you are eating Cheese, irrespective of the cheese being low-fat or not, it must be eaten in temperance until you can conclude that eating cheese will make you have constipation.


To summarize it up, any surgery requires temperance in eating, and if you’re undergoing the same post-operational pain; Southlake General Surgery could help make a proper diet chart for you.