(Complete Guide) How to Select A Digital Marketing Agency?

By February 28, 2019
How to Select A Digital Marketing Agency

If you wish to grow your business in this competitive era, then there is no substitute for digital marketing. With the ever-growing popularity and access to the internet all across the world, you can observe that your target market is likely searching for what you are offering. The reason behind digital marketing is to grow your business in an authentic way and provide exceptional value to the customers.

Why do you need a digital marketing agency?

There are many like us, who may think that why do I need a digital marketing agency?

Thus, to clear this common doubt, I will give you appropriate reasons for the need of a digital marketing agency :

1) First of all, you need to understand that there are many aspects linked to the digital marketing term. These consists of social media marketing, facebook ppc services, content writing, PPC, email marketing, SEO, affordable link building services, etc.

Thus, handling all these together becomes a difficult task for you alone. Also, you will require good education about all these parameters to implement them efficiently.

2) Digital marketing agencies have the specialists from every sector and every domain on which they work. They can make your work easy and cost-effective.

3) The designers of the agencies come up with their own innovative ideas, every time they work for you. And without them, your digital marketing tasks remain incomplete.

4) Digital marketing agencies can measure the work and accordingly, forecast the situation.

5) Thus, hiring a digital marketing agency can help you balance the workload, so that you can concentrate more on your primary business.

Want to start a digital marketing journey for your business? Then, I would suggest you do the homework before it.

Before choosing a digital marketing agency, make sure that you know your business properly.

With this you can identify the need for digital services for your business. The easy way to do so is to find out some of the requirements :

1) Are you a complete newbie and want to start from developing a website?

2) Do you already have a website?

Then, you go with the company that has content marketing experts, who will check the content on your website and will provide you with the necessary modifications.

3) Do you need social media marketing and SEO?

It is always better to have these two services as they have the highest potential to reach out to the desired audience.

4) Do you immediately need video marketing?

Video marketing being in boom may not be a necessary service for every type of business right from the beginning.

5) Last but the most important point is to calculate your monthly budget that you can spend on your digital marketing services. Also, you should find out how long you will be able to associate with your partner. Tell them about these things clearly so that the company can design the workflow accordingly.

Done with the homework?

Now the time has come when you would have to choose the digital marketing agency that best suits you. The difficult task is to select the best agency from hundreds of agencies available.

So now, we will see how to select digital marketing agency, follow the following checklist :

1) Check how they have generated themselves :

The best thing before selecting a partner is to check how they carry their own business and how far can they go for your business. The one who does superior work for himself will always provide better work for his customers.

E.g. If you are looking for the social media marketing agency, then look for their social media posts. How they are positioning themselves in the market?

Look at the designs used by them and the way they are using different social media platforms.

2) Check from where to outsource the agency?

You can find digital marketing agency from every country. But, the one that can give you a high ROI is what you should probably look for.

For e.g. If your business is situated in India and your earning is in Indian Rupees, then there is no point to hire an agency situated in foreign countries. Reasons are :

(A) The foreign agencies cannot relate well to your local audience.

(B) The cost you will have to pay will be high as compared to the Indian agency.

3) Check the KPIs of the agency

KPIs are responsible for the well being of your online business. So make sure that you ask your agency about their KPIs while you are looking through options.

Here are some important digital marketing metrics that you should consider before selecting an agency :

(i) Social interactions :

If you are looking for the social marketing agency then you should consider some of the social media KPIs that can help you measure the reach of your organic and paid social media campaigns. This will also help you to generate conversions with fewer efforts. The digital marketing agency is responsible to track your customer’s entire journey through your social media platforms. By this way, you can track how many buyers you get through the social media platforms and also, it helps you to track the new ideas of your agency for your business.

(ii) Unique visitors count :

You must know who you are targeting and investing your time for. The number of unique visitors directly relates to the number of possible conversions. The unique visitors also help you to identify how well your digital marketing strategy is working and from which platforms you are getting the traffic.

(iii) Analytics :

Analytics help you to identify the average visits your website is getting. Agencies find out where your audience spends more time and hence, they outline the plan accordingly. Analytics also help you to identify the location of your audience.

4) Check if the agency promises to remain transparent with you.

The transparency is all you can expect with your partner as this is the only way which nourishes the bond between you two.

Find out whether the agency is hiding some things from you because there are many agencies that promise you to provide all the services at cheap rates. But, later you may find them asking you to pay extra charges for the same services.

There is little information provided on the website, so it is better to reach out to them and clear your doubts. Ask them what kind of work they will do for you? Will the work done shown to you before making it live on the website?

5) Check how do they charge?

There are some agencies that make you compulsory to opt for all digital marketing services from them and they have the price structure accordingly. That means, even if you don’t opt for all the services you will have to pay the standard price for them.

Whereas there are some other agencies those ask you to pay as per the services you opt for. That means you get the complete freedom to choose for the services that you wish for and pay only for them. Like if you want only social media marketing then, you can opt for only that service and if you get the satisfactory results then you can think of widening your services.

From this article, you might have understood the importance of digital marketing agency and how you can select one.

A small tip from me while selecting an agency is: Look for the best value, and not for the best price.

Altogether :

Before selecting any digital marketing agency always find out your requirements first and look for the long term partnership. I think Rankraft is the best and most affordable digital marketing agency in India. The genuine agency will always stand by you for any kind of marketing needs. Make sure to select the agency that allows you to correctly tick most of the points mentioned above.