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By February 7, 2019
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Cancer can cost life so, it is a safe choice to consult a cancer specialist. If the individual feels that the symptoms of cancer are present in him or her or in case a family member or relative the fact that one of their loved ones can possibly have the problem of cancer, seeking medical aid through cancer experts such as those of cancer treatment hospital in Delhi that too as soon as possible is the right thing to do. Regularly seeing doctors on periodic appointments is crucial the health and wellbeing of body and mind, Dr Surendra Kumar Dabas advises that this deters the chances of acquiring cancer and in case the problem is present, its early diagnosis enhances the chances of saving the life of the patient. He also brings our attention towards the advancements and developments which have taken place in the field of medicine and surgery, these possibilities have incremented the options for effective treatment of cancer, in fact, the dubious treatment through chemotherapy can now be avoided with the alternatives we have available at hand.


Whenever the possibilities of providing treatment to a patient against cancer are being discussed, people bring in surgical procedures as the only available treatment but that is not the reality. In fact, the realm of cancer treatment has developed with progression not only in surgical expertise but also non-surgical treatments and various therapies have come up into the picture which is not only able to relieve the patients from the symptoms of cancer but also help him or her to return back to the normal state of life with a quick recovery. Firstly let’s see how non-invasive cancer treatments are proving to be of advantage for patients of cancer.

Just as the name conforms to, non-invasive cancer treatments do not include any process of surgery or even making of incisions. The major advantage by these treatments is when the patient is not eligible to undergo a surgical procedure. In recent times, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) has gained recommendations all around the world and it has been proven to be of success in South Asia. Through focusing high-intensity ultrasound to provide therapeutic advantages to the patient by destroying the tumour, HIFU can also be used in many other diseases and disorders.

Unlike HIFU, immunotherapy is based on strengthening the natural defence mechanism of the patient’s immune system. During immunotherapy, the immune system cells are taken from the body of the patient and are sent for a special regulation to the laboratory where their strength and defence against tumour cells is increased through exposure to a variety of influencing chemicals. Immunotherapy vaccines have proven to be of much use against prostate cancer, in addition to that these vaccines are safe nature and minimal risks of complications have added to their benefits.

Similar to immunotherapy, hormone therapy is provided but here the target is based on boosting the hormones of the body to fight against the cancerous cells in the body. Hormone therapy has life-saving benefits against breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Target-specific drugs and medicines have been included in the drug therapies which can provide a boost to the immune system of the patient as well as damage to the cancerous cells and tumours in the body. Cancer experts advice to include quercetin in the daily dietary intake because of its ‘free-radical-scavenging antioxidant’ nature. The presence of quercetin in natural foods ranging from a variety of fruits vegetables and grains makes it a favourite among cancer expert to recommend to their patients because just by eating it every day their health is boosted, quercetin is known to promote apoptosis in the cancerous cell, plus, it can stop the growth of cancerous cells. Quercetin can be used to treat a variety of cancers, namely, oral cancer, leukaemia, cultured skin, and prostate cancer.

Apart from drugs being used to target the specific changes in cancer and the growth patterns of malignancy, targeted therapy is also considered to work against different types of cancers. The focus of targeted therapy is maintained at removing the cells which are cancerous in nature, this greatly aid in not harming the normal cells of the body.

Many successful and scientifically based types of research have found various bacteria and viruses which can be utilised to treat the problem of cancer. On one hand, where bacterias can be used more or less in their normal gene structure, the viruses and specifically, poliovirus for cancer treatments are firstly genetically modified. The productivity of bacterial therapies and poliovirus therapies are increased by using them with an assortment of other medical treatment. It is to be done because, in most of the cases, the impact of these therapies is not complete. So to make sure that the entire problem is removed doctors take care of the treatment provided to the patient is comprehensive in nature.

A major breakthrough in science has been witnessed in the usage of stem cells for transplantation. Stem cell transplants can be of proven advantage to the patient, but they can be brought into action after radiation therapy has been used prior to this (chemotherapy is an alternative in some cases to radiation therapy).


The acknowledgement of cancer in human beings was a heartbreaking realisation because the impact of cancer is so huge that if proper medical care is not provided on time, it can prove to be life-threatening in nature. Initially, not many medical therapies and treatments were available to save the patient, with few options at hand like chemotherapy and radiation therapy which obviously had a high risk of complications and side effects the chances of providing an efficient course of treatment were bleak. But with a breakthrough in science and its progression in the realm of medicine and surgery, the cancer treatments available advanced. A dynamically experienced doctor of lung cancer treatment in Delhi states that the treatments available for cancer have grown up to the point that they offer minimum risk and their productivity is huge, we can count on departments like radiation oncology in India and some productive therapies.

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