8 Top Best-Selling SUVs And Crossovers In Egypt 2019

By August 19, 2019

SUVs and Crossovers are a hot pick amongst car enthusiasts. They are popular just not because of their off-roading capabilities but other multiple facets.  Packed with spaciousness, style, and class is what makes them so desirable. SUVs and Crossovers have a lot more to offer, from being a perfect partner in all terrains to accommodating the hefty bags on family trips, they have become the perfect choice for smart buyers.

If you’re looking for a smart pick, here is a hand-picked list of the best-selling SUVs and Crossovers in Egypt in 2019.

1. Chery Tiggo 8

Cherry Tiggo 8 made its debut in 2018. It is the latest and the largest one in the Chery series so far offering customers to choose from both 7-seater as well as a 5-seater. This big SUV/off-roader is a perfect fit for a big family. Chery Tiggo 8 is powered by a 1.5L turbo engine. Other than that it has a rear-view, 360-degree viewing system, and a 2,710 wheelbase that adds to improved stability. Besides all these features, its stylish front LED headlights to give it a huge road presence in addition to the excellent visibility range, of course.

Chery Tiggo 8

Coming to the interior, Cherry Tigo 8 has huge infotainment packed with features. Similarly, Tigo 8 comes with dual-zone climate control and an exclusive multimedia steering wheel.

2. Chery Tiggo 7

Debuted in 2016, Chery Tiggo 7 is also powered by a 1.5L turbo engine. This compact crossover is an ideal 5 door, 5 seater family vehicle. With a tank capacity of 57 liters, Tiggo 7 is only offered in Petrol variant. Similarly, the large 57 liters fuel tank is bound to making your journeys exciting, comfortable and fuel-efficient. Its 2,670mm wheelbase overall gives it a sheer driving pleasure & sufficient interior space. Its flawless design & looks are highlighted by colors; black and white but its sharp cuts are most defined by red.

Chery Tiggo 7

Coming to the interior, Tiggo 7 offers a unique steering wheel design. Besides that, it has big infotainment and an additional screen in between the dials to add extra detail.

3. Chery Tiggo 4

Chery Tiggo 4 was released in 2017. It’s smaller in size than the fore-spoken Chery Tiggo’s from the line-up and yet spacious. It has a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine making it very fuel-efficient but providing the power when needed at the same time. Chery Tiggo 4 is a 5 seater with 5 doors and 5 seats, making it the perfect family car. The Crossovers 2630mm wheelbase and simple design make it look ravishing on the road. Chery Tiggo’s 4 interior offers a large touch screen and a nice steering wheel as well as manual brakes interestingly installed.

Chery Tiggo 4

4. Chery Tiggo 3

Chery Tiggo 3 is the first of the Tiggo Line up, originally known as the Chery Tiggo. It was manufactured in 2005, later was uplifted in 2010 and 2014 similarly. Chery Tiggo 3 is a 4 door SUV. The engine power ranges from 1.5 L to 2.0 L (gasoline). The Chery Tiggo 3 is also being assembled in Egypt, by highly trained professionals. It has a 2,510 wheelbase and this new-style vehicle is very comfortable providing relaxing rides and ease thanks to its reliable engine and a comfortable interior.

Chery Tiggo 3

5. Geely Emgrand X7

Launched in 2009, Geely Emgrand holds a strong reputation for being a 2.0 four-cylinder engine. It is powered by petrol. With a powerful exterior look consisting of an attractive front with water ripple grille and eye-catching rim design. The bright LED front lights to provide excellent illumination and a vast visibility range. Geely Emgrand X7’s 2.661m wheelbase gives it a characteristic smooth ride with each travel. At a glance, the interior provides a sporty 3-spoke steering wheel. This 5 seater SUV is much more spacious in on the inside than it looks. Surely, it is a winner.

Geely Emgrand X7

6. Mazda CX-9

CX-9 is an easy pick. This is because it’s flaunting make and flowing design will turn heads everywhere you go. This mid-sized SUV is boosted by a powerful 2.5-liter engine (the largest in this list) that provides power on a swift push of the foot. A family vehicle that is equally sporty. Design-wise, It’s appealing enough with its great interior, exterior, and smart technological features. The alluring front grille and LED headlamps add to the overall presentation of the car. High-quality safety features benefit from with auto-locking when speeding. Also including child locks and passenger and driver seat airbags in case of accidents. For the driver’s ease, while fueling, it also has an automatically controlled fuel door. Furthermore, it has a large storage area and a 7 passenger capacity with easy seating.

Mazda CX-9

7. Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson has been in production since 2004. With its 2.4 L diesel-powered engine, Hyundai Tucson is one of the best SUVs currently available in Egypt. It is popular for its athletic looks. Hyundai Tucson may not be the largest vehicle on this list but despite its small size it is surprisingly roomy and provides ideal storage space for its size. Its 2670 wheelbase provides great performance. It also has user-friendly tech features, great exterior, and a feel-at-home interior. If you have a small family, it is one of the finest 5 seater vehicles available to cater to your needs.

Hyundai Tucson

8. Hyundai Creta

In production since 2015, Hyundai Creta is another ideal crossover for small families. Housed by a 1500cc Turbocharged diesel engine, it offers both power and excellent fuel consumption. The fuel tank can hold up to 55L, which is more than enough to take you on road trips without feeling the need to refuel every now & then. To enhance the visibility range, Creta is also equipped with fog lamps to aid in dense fog.

Hyundai Creta

The interior includes a swift power-steering wheel, airbags as standard for the driver and the passenger of course for safety measures. Creta is also equipped with fairly sized infotainment and also offers both USB and auxiliary inputs with the amazing stereo system installed. It surely is one of the best new crossovers.

Mentioned above are some of the best SUVs and Crossovers available in the Egyptian market today. Be it style, comfort or power, each vehicle will cater to your needs.