7 Tips to Get More Business for Your Tech Company


The Information Technology sector, especially in its B2B aspect, is one of the most dynamic in the market. Constant innovation, complexity in sales and widespread intangibility of products and services are very common challenges common to the companies in this ecosystem.

In a complex market, where decision makers have a highly sophisticated profile, and who abhor a kind of intrusive marketing and business approach, how do you get to your potential customer?

The Inbound Marketing is an “intelligent” approach that responds to a demand for more personalized content through useful content production and relevant, given at the right time.

An “intelligent” and non-intrusive approach!

Today the consumer searches extensively on the internet before deciding to advance to a purchase. With a well-built inbound marketing strategy, the moment your potential customer is researching a solution to your problem, voila, is when your product or service comes up as the best solution.

The idea is simple: to gain and win the trust of customers by producing relevant content (and focused on solving your prospect’s problem), and developing actions so that they are found by the right person at the right time.

>>> “63% of marketers say their primary challenge is to generate traffic and leads.” Source:  State of Inbound, 2017 | HubSpot

Result: Positioning your company, product or service as expert / authority / the best solution for the “pain” of a particular market segment.

7 Tips to Capture More Business Using the Inbound Marketing Methodology Applied to IT Companies

  1. Produce quality content truly focused on solving the problems of your target audience. Blog articles, social media publications , regular email marketing actions, and other content distribution channels are some of the possibilities.
  2. Define the various steps of your marketing funnel (top, middle, and bottom of the funnel) keeping in mind that the funnel top objective is  attraction . The content produced in this step should be more general, showing how the technology is important but without presenting any particular product or service. In the middle of the funnel , we already have a potential client more informed on the subject, he already knows that he has challenges and that he needs to solve them. At this stage, the materials produced show not only the challenges but also the solution to solve them . At the bottom of the funnelthe customer already knows the products or services of his IT company that will help him solve his challenges and wants to move forward to the purchase. It’s time to show you that your IT product or service is the right solution!

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  3. Define the key issues you should address in the content dissemination strategy . What are the topics that most interest the people who make up your target? Tools like Keyword Planner from Google Adwords can help you answer this question.
  4. Optimize content produced using best SEO practices . In order for your product or service to be seen it must first be found. Help search engines become authentic “prescribers” of their content through, for example, good keyword usage or content constant refresh. To learn more about SEO click here .
  5. Develop concerted email marketing actions . Here it is crucial that you can send personalized content. After elaborating your personas (we suggest, in an initial phase up to 3), define different stages for persona and specific contents for each of these stages. By having lists divided by interests and buying moments, it will be easier to refer your prospective customer to the next stage of the sales funnel.
  6. Convert visitors into leads by creating good landing pages . A good landing page has an offer and a form to get information from this lead. A few tips: Make it clear what the visitor will gain from completing the form and keep in mind that the purpose of your landing page is to provide visitor data so your sales force can act on it. Note: Pay attention to the excess of fields in your form!
  7. Use a marketing automation tool . A tool with RD Station is fundamental to optimize all this relationship between your company and the process of lead generation, relationship and nutrition and subsequent conversion into customers. With this automation marketing tool it is easier to increase the number of opportunities generated in the final decision-making stage, which allows sellers to stop serving potential customers still in the early stages to focus on those where the chances of closing deals are greater . That is, those who have already shown strong interest in the product or service that your company sells.
>>> “38% of sales professionals say that it is increasingly difficult to get potential customers to respond positively to commercial actions” Source:  State of Inbound, 2017 | HubSpot

In conclusion, using an inbound marketing methodology will be able to capture more (and better) business for your technology company by focusing on the techniques of attraction, conversion and nutrition of leads (potential buyers) through useful and relevant content. And all this provided at the right time to your prospects.

The author of this post is Mordan Sean and he is digital marketing specialists at Joliet Dentist – MySmilesCenter


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