6 Big Advantages Of AI In Digital Marketing

By April 8, 2019
advantage of digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its presence felt in all kinds of industries. The introduction of AI in digital marketing has made life easier for marketers and improve the efficiency of their campaigns. Agencies like search engine optimization companies are banking on the technology to understand as well as predict the behavior of the target audience. AI has enabled them to go through large volumes of data quickly and generate incisive analyses. Tools based on the technical innovation are helping professionals automate repetitive tasks and streamline their campaigns. Applications made with the technology are being used in most digital marketing areas. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using AI for promoting brands through digital channels.

1. Developing Content

The job of a writer has not yet been made redundant but there are tools which help in generating unique content. These solutions convert information like statistical figures into pieces of cohesive, readable content. There are pre-built templates with some standard text in which the relevant data is inserted to create a unique material for the user. This makes it easy for marketers to generate some brief text matter like press releases. The machine learning techniques embedded in the solutions make sure that the tone of the content resembles that of a piece written by a human.

2. Creating The Digital Advertising Strategy

Digital advertising platforms are using the path-breaking technology to display ads to receptive audiences. Services like those run by Google and Facebook use machine-learning and AI to refine their algorithms and ensure that commercials are displayed to people who are expected to be most interested in them. Business owners and marketers are using the scientific innovation to frame their bidding strategy for Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. They are using tools to study vital aspects of their audiences like their demographics, interests, and actions. This helps them in understanding consumer behavior and identifying the best audience group for their promotions.

3. Personalizing Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is an integral part of the digital promotional strategy of a business. Even in this age of instant messaging apps, the old email remains an effective medium of connecting with consumers. Brands are creating segmented mailing lists so that they can create personalized messages that will resonate with the audience in a better manner. They are being helped in this initiative with AI-based tools that analyze vast data quickly and provide valuable evaluations.  Apart from using the technology to create better messages for their user base, businesses are using the solutions to identify the best time for sending emails. The data analysis helps them in zeroing on the best time of the day to send a mail to a specific user group. This will make sure that a majority of receivers do open the email and read its content.

4. Curate More Relevant Content

Another application of AI in digital marketing is in the area of content curation. Marketers and website owners are constantly looking for content that is related to their industry. The tactic allows them to post diverse points of views on a topic on platforms like social media. It helps in boosting user engagement and building a credible image of a business. Professionals can use the technology to provide better content suggestions to their website visitors. The tools use machine-learning techniques to learn visitors’ behavior. They then make recommendations based on their search or website navigation history. This helps in improving the engagement of the user with the platform and encouraging him/ her to spend more time on it.

5. Transforming Searches  

An area where the technology has made the biggest impact is searches. AI-based tools like Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri are enabling users to conduct voice searches accurately. The increasing popularity of these devices has meant that the number of people using voice searches is also going up. Marketing professionals and search engine optimization services have to modify their strategies for targeting searches. People are using detailed questions when they speak into a device while looking for a solution. This is completely different from traditional searches where they type short terms. Marketers have to ensure that their websites are optimized not only for text-based searches but also for verbal searches.

6. Predictive Analysis For Identifying The Best Leads

Machine learning techniques along with statistical algorithms based on available data are being used to forecast future trends. Digital marketers are using this tactic to assess their potential customers. They are using past data like buying history to identify the best leads for their business. This helps their sales department to focus only on the people who are most likely to convert. This helps in improving the conversion rate and saving valuable resources.


The entry of AI in digital marketing has led to a better understanding of customers and improved the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. Marketers are depending on AI-based solutions to create better strategies and generate improved results for their clients.