5 things to know about Java in 2019

By May 6, 2019

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Already the second quarter year has started, I think you all have learned the latest things in the first quarter have assigned the goals for another. Day by day Technology is changing very rapidly. If you are a programmer, you have a big challenge, that is to keep updated. If we review last year, people thought that Java 9 was new. But before that, they have to finish learning it. Java 11 and Java 10 already come into the market. They came fast but gave us a lot of new things in it. That is just like local variables, GC Improvement, API enhancements, Thread local handshake. Java brings us a lot of changes. With every latest version like spring boot 2, spring security 5, Spring. Java Certification course will help you master all Java versions.

But if you think that, what you should learn in 2019, you are reading the right article. Now I will share you 5 important topics. That you have to store in your data, this will help you in the upcoming time.

Unit Testing

If you think about updating your scripting skills. This will help you to become a professional Software. It doesn’t happen as soon as possible.  We have so many unit testing tools, frameworks that available in Java programmers community.

For Instance cucumber for automated Integration testing, Robot framework, Mockito, and power mock objects and latest Junit are the latest JUnit 5 library. So we have many things learn. Updating your unit test skills will increase your job opportunities more.

Spring 5.0

Spring  Framework 5.0 is the main release in spring framework. It comes with so many updated features like functional programming and reactive programming, core container updates, testing and many more. If you utilize spring, it probably a good time to know about spring 5.0. We have so many excellent courses, that available on the Internet.

Java 9,10,11,12

Up to my knowledge, many Java developers are still learning Java 8. But at least you can create some time to learn the new features of Java 11, 10, 9. I am not saying you to move to an upgraded version without knowing about the current version. It may cause some issues in the future.

However, if you handle your time, learning some concepts at some sequence Intervals. The day and night may not cause any harm, that if you are not excited about the latest version. Java 9 will bring you a lot the latest things. That is just like Jshell, HTTP2, process API, Reactive Streams and many more.


Learn Java online with DevOps is nothing but a combination of processes. That used to automate the processes between software development and the team to design, examine, test and release software faster with more quality.

It is one of the areas, which gets more white light from last year. Many and many companies adopt non-stop Integration and deployment in DevOps.

Java Programmers may feel over whelmed to get to know more about many tools and principles. But does not worry that there are complete resources that available online that you can follow and know DevOps.


If you are a good Java programmer or a developer who didn’t master the Git. I think you missing a lot. Git and Github are with us form many years. Many people ignore it. They Just offer the same, they don’t require to do it. But they forget to face the other side of the coin.

Now many companies migrating their projects with CVS, SVN, and Git. So it will be the main benefit when you apply for Jobs. You may have downloaded the used projects from Github. By utilizing the conventional direction. But this is not the right time for the crowd. You should also execute Git commands with managing errors and modifications.

Working on your Design Knowledge

In order to become a Good Java Developer, complete knowledge of design pattern is required every time. Though the software developers, who have experience must aware of this.

A design method is a process to design a relation between Objects and classes. By that, if you go on like this, you will become the best programmer, not a developer. So these are the 5 things to know about Java training online in 2019.

Java online courses is a PC programming language. It empowers software engineers to compose PC guidelines utilizing English-based directions as opposed to writing in numeric codes. It’s known as an abnormal state language since it tends to be perused and composed effectively by people.

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