3 Things Field Service Can Teach Any Mobile Workforce


Technology has been ever evolving! With the requirements been introduced and the demands to ease the work has been made, the technology has been upgrading to meet the needs.

Technology has been ever evolving! With the requirements been introduced and the demands to ease the work has been made, the technology has been upgrading to meet the needs.

Field service management software is one such upgrade in the technology which has changed a lot about the way we work. It has transformed the traditional, desk-operated office work to remotely located mobile work. The software not only serves as a remote operating system for the company but also ease out many tasks and serve as a connection between the service technology and customer.

The mobile workforce has made it imperative to utilize field service management software and performance management system to be utilized for the workforce. The varied nature of industries and the highly specific nature of jobs of the field service agents made it increasingly important to utilize these digital platforms which organize all the tasks and workforce. This provides an orderly mechanism to work with qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the work.

Below listed are the takeaways for mobile workforce implementing Field Service Management Software:

  1. Real-time monitoring

          With the advent of IoT and easy availability of mobile devices, the field service technicians can stay connected with their head office, customer and their requirements in a much easier and simplified way thereby saving time and effort and also providing a quick response to the customer.

  1. Predictive and preventive maintenance

     Integrating field service management software with AI, the possible and enhanced evaluation  parameters can be considered and taken care in advance. With AI and all the pre-recorded information on the software, predictive analysis can be made and issues can be rectified by considering necessary precaution measures.

Further, this software, equipped with customer information, can also provide field service agents with more accurate details about the customers. This could help companies serve customers with a more personalized experience.

  1. Defined protocols and mechanism of working

Who doesn’t want streamlined services?

Field service management and performance management software provides a set of well-defined protocols and a blueprint of working techniques. This directly benefits the field workforce by giving them hands-on theoretical knowledge of the work to be done.

            This can further be implemented without any hustle of missing onto the pointers.  

The pre-planned documentation enhances the skill set of the workforce and also help train the new field service workforce. This learning curve can be enhanced further by utilizing and implementing augmented reality technology.

There are many things which a mobile workforce can learn from the field service. The major one is as follows:

  1. An organized way of working

The major essence of a field service job is organization and proper utilization of time and resources. Companies can get more out of their mobile workforce if they are well organized and are efficiently utilizing time and resources. This can be monitored and enhanced through field service management software and performance management system. It not only organizes the tasks but also provides a common platform for the entire mobile workforce, thereby engaging all the members of the mobile workforce.

  1. Dynamic scheduling of work

Since the mobile workforce is scattered in nature, there might be a delay in relaying information and tasks to the mobile workforce from the supervisors at the head office. This might lead to considerable loss of time and resources and might result in losing business. It can be rectified by having a common platform through various field service management software. Such software is actively utilized by the field service agents which not only increases their time utilization but also gets them more returns from each minute of their time through an increase in efficiency.

  1. Tracking of work and other information

Field service agents can track their appointments, route, and customer information, etc., on-the-go which benefits their planning and approach towards a task. They have all the information on the record before initializing a task. Further, they can evaluate and track the progress of the ongoing task and can devise ways to further improve their output. Such skills can be imparted and utilized by the mobile workforce which will not only increase the bottom line of the company but will also aid in personal skill set development of the workforce.

With all the features listed above, It is quite evident that the use of proper tools and software can increase the efficiency of the workforce, thereby, increasing the overall productivity of the organization. By implementing field service management software and performance management system, companies can not only accomplish all the work tasks in the minimum time with more accuracy but can also benefit more by providing their mobile workforce a comfortable environment to work in. While at the same time increasing overall productivity and creativity of the company.


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