3 Impeccable Tips For Writing A Company Offer Letter


No matter how well you have combed through the resume to finally find the purple squirrel you need. You have had a telephonic conversation around the offer, and now you have to make it formal. Yes! It’s the time you finally send a company offer letter to the selected candidate. If you at all are thinking of skipping the step as everything has been discussed over call, you are about to commit a huge mistake. Sharing a company offer letter over mail and getting acceptance in writing is important. This clears every aspect of the employment and leaves no space for confusion. 

However, if the offer letter is not written well, it can leave a bad impression, and invite chaos. So, in this blog, we share tips for writing an offer letter. Let us start.

  • Check state laws-
    Different states and countries have different laws and regulations related to employment. So, read about them and then start writing the offer letter. If your company or state finds a drug test necessary, then do mention it in the offer letter. If the offer letter is on a contractual basis, make sure that it is not mis-constructed. Always include an at-will line; the line would imply that the employee can leave when he wants and the employer too can terminate the candidate when he wants. Some employees hire the employee on this condition only while some allow this till probation period. To avoid any confusion, you should not include phrases like ‘in the future’ or ‘we are a family company’.
  • See some templates-
    The best way to write an offer letter accurately is to refer some company offer letter templates and then begin writing the offer letter yourself. Make sure the template is not made by someone from another country as it would have been written according to different laws. Now, if instead of writing you are planning to use a template, you must review the same thoroughly.
  • Decide the approach-
    Now, you should work on deciding the approach of your offer letter. Do you want to keep it short or long? They say giving too much information in one go may get a little too much for the candidate to take in. So, you may just want to make the offer stating their package and employment type. Once the person accepts the offer letter, you can send the details to the candidate for the orientation programme and other things later.

Make sure the company offer letter includes contigencies, salary, job details, At-will employment and basic information and closing. If you want to personalise the offer letter you send, you can always add a warm note in the beginning or in the end. Stay in touch with the candidate and focus on building a good relationship with the employees. Upon acceptance, you can even send a bouquet or a box of chocolate to the selected candidate. Alongwith the same, you can also attach benefits and employee handbook for their reference. This will also make them feel like they are already a part of the company. 


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