10 Apple Products You Shouldn’t Buy

By January 23, 2019

The first trillion dollar company Apple is a favorite to many of us. The brand adds value to its high-class products. The world goes crazy whenever there is a product launch and everyone wants, no matter the skyrocketing price. With the newer generations of Apple products showing up in the block, the price is also increasing exponentially. Today we have 10 products you shouldn’t buy from Apple right now. Some of these are just left as a vision, meaning the product has been discontinued before launching it.

The first thing you should be careful of is not to buy Apple products at the sale. Be it an i phone, iPad or a MacBook. Understand that there is a reason behind the discounted price. It can be a new product launch which is better than the previous one. You should wait for a refresh by Apple or put your money elsewhere rather than buying Apple at discounted rates.

The Apple MacBook Pro

This high-end laptop PC comes at a discounted price. Mind you this is for a technology which is about a year old. Technology is advancing every day and a top dollar product like a MacBook has to get a refresh. You can get a much technologically advanced laptop PC without the Apple logo at the same price you are going to spend on an ‘old’ Mac. So hold on to buy an old tech MacBook and invest your money elsewhere. Apple too has teased a replacement which is due in 2019.

The iMac

A reason similar to the MacBook to drop the idea of owning the iMac. No matter how much Apple’s “Behind the Mac” Ad try to convince its high build quality and longer life than ordinary PC you should not suffice with outdated technology. You can compare the iMac with its competitors and it is a mile away in terms of technology. They are still using the old processor the Intel Kaby lake with fast SSD storage and displays which can become much better. Park your money to other high tech products rather than the iMac. You can use eBay gift card codes to gift a new tech to somebody or just buy it for yourself. It thoroughly needs a refresh. You can avail additional discount too.

Apple TV 4K

Probably the fifth gen is not going to get an update this year. This Apple product is built around the A10X Fusion processor and an option of capacities of 32GB and 64GB. The $179 product has not got much change from its previous version, the 4th generation Apple TV without the 4K branding is still out for sale. Go for the 4th gen instead of splurging out for nothing in the 5th Generation. You can also use eBay gift card codes to cut off some outstanding amount.

Apple AirPods

The Apple Airpods is a favorite choice for many but takes a break. Don’t shell out $159 on this right now. It might get an update. There are also a pool of other earphones from Bose, Sennheiser, Harman and many others which you can try rather than the AirPods which just symbolizes a status. Music lovers will definitely consider dropping the AirPods for $159. You can buy this product at eBay using eBay gift card codes.

Apple iPod Touch

The iPod touch is old but still does the job but far more expensive than what it delivers. The hardware of this handy music pool was last updated back in July 2015. To compensate the ‘no upgrade’ by Apple it has sliced down the price of Apple iPod on July 2017. This can be a marketing trick to boost its newly born iPhone XS. You can have an iPhone at the price of this ancient piece in the tech world.

iPad Mini

This specific product is on loose ends by Apple. It is not getting a refresh from a long time and now it is terrifying. The iPad mini is getting weaker on sales. This can be because of the rumor of the iPhone 8 shipping with a 5.8inch OLED display. Why will you buy an iPad mini then? There are also rumors that the board has decided to drop the Apple Mini from its lineup. The last hardware update done was done in September 2015. The base still continues to be the same. You better don’t go for this tablet PC for a huge lot of money.

Apple Lightning cable

The lightning cable by Apple is a waste of money because there are many better alternatives for a cable in Amazon, Nomad or Paracable. If you want USB-C fast charging option in your iPhone X or iPhone 8 then only I would recommend buying the lightning cable. Other cables in the market do not support this facility. The status of this particular product can make a hole in your pocket. It is completely your choice to buy or drop Apple Lightning cable. 

iPhone X

Another shock for the X lovers who were waiting for the price drop. The iPhone X is reported to be discontinued from Apple’s lineup. The reason is simply the launch of newer iPhones the XS and others. Apple needs to pull the plug from iPhone X. Sorry for the bad news but yeah it is true.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE has also been discontinued by Apple. The day the new iPhone XS was launched, the SE was discontinued. We all have today an unfortunate bye-bye to budget iPhones. The slot has been replaced by not-so-small and not as cheap as SE, the iPhone XR.

Apple AirPower

We were all amused when Apple declared its new product, Apple AirPower. It was just magic that a table top can charge all your Apple devices, the iPhone, Apple watch and AirPods all at once wirelessly. Apple has discontinued the product before it is out in the market and left no trace of it on its website. Neatly packed and went overboard!