The Famous “Rule of Three” To Compose Compelling Content

By May 31, 2019
Compose Compelling Content

Do you know the secret to compose an everlasting, engaging, and captivating content? Well, content writers have always been in search of ways they can make their content more enticing. Spending hours on browsers, searching loads of sites and crafting techniques that can strive creativity have been the practice of professionals lately. However, the quick trick to make content last for years on the internet lies in three elements. These simple elements are easy to incorporate and once you lay the ground of your work on them, you will find every sentence to be utterly captivating.

Humor – The Art To Capture Attention

 The top most trait that can quickly grab the attention of your audience is humor. Many Wikipedia Consultant believe that this is the age of humor-induced masses. Over the internet, you must have scrolled a number of humorous posts and quotes and such posts always have the maximum reach and likes. Many brands have copied this technique to accelerate their user engagements by incorporating humor in their campaign. Humor gives you the chance to attract target audience of any age group. You can maximize your customer reach and with a single post can reach out to a diverse range of people.

Storytelling- Capture the Emotions

Once you draw your audience towards your post, its time you capture their emotions and reside in their heart. BY adding emotions in your content, you can make your customer do whatever you want. You only have to gain their confidence and trust. You have to make them believe what you are showing and telling is absolutely useful and correct. This is only possible when you learn how to connect them with your niche.

Many brands incorporate the technique of storytelling in their branding and marketing campaign just to hold the attention for a little longer. It’s not only about static content, if you opt for making a video, you can add a comprehensive story of you8r brand or showcase the product while unleashing an engaging story that can connect your viewers. You have to tap their weakest vein and help them get the best solution (your product/service). There is one more thing to ponder; you have to know your audience as well before you takes any step towards sketching a story. What if the tone you carried is something, which cannot connect them effectively. So, be well-prepared.

Interactive- Indulge Your Audience

The third trick to implement is interactivity. You have to take a step closer to your customers and get in their shoes. You have to look for their commonly faced problems and like a Wikipedia consultant guide them. You have to know what the problems are associated with services like yours and how people are coping up with them. Once you have gathered all the necessary information, you can plan your campaign.

You need to add techniques that can entice your viewers. You need to humanize your brand and services. Interacting in a robotic tone has long gone. Now it’s time to guide, promote and instruct your audience in a way that makes them feel like talking to a human, a partner or a well-wisher. You do not have to brag your product or base your entire conversation, blog tone or wall post around promoting and marketing your brand. You have to address them in care and concern. You have to show them how much you are concerned to make them experience your brilliant services and what benefits will they get. Simply keep your own benefits apart and get into their shoes.