Starting your own marketing agency – tips for beginners (newbies)

By January 19, 2021
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Are you tired from working nine to five and thinking about starting your marketing agency or you are midway but confused about what to do further to boost your business?

It really might seem difficult to start your agency between so many marketing agencies in Dubai but you should remember that it might be hard but it is not impossible.

If you will never jump in the pool because of fear of drowning then you will never learn to swim. It is a difficult task but there are few things that you can do to survive in the market and progress.

Evolve yourself:

Starting a marketing agency in Dubai is not an easy job because there are two reasons:

  • The first thing you might face is that it is a hub of international businesses with large investments.
  • Second thing is that this field is changing every next day. Altogether, there is going to be a tough competition.

New marketing tactics are introduced every next day. You need to learn and implement them in your business. Keep evolving yourself.

Adapting to newer methods every here and then might sound a hectic task but once you will get used to it, you will not face much difficulty.

Stand out in the crowd:

If you want to give a tough time to your rival agencies, the second thing you need to focus on is to offer something that they cannot.

Yes, you heard it right. You need to be unique to attract clients. Now you might be thinking “how to stand unique?”

You can do this by offering special services that are not available in the market or you can make offers that are too good to refuse, that can only be done if you select any single field which becomes your specialty, eventually.

You just have to assure the public that the service that you are providing is your expertise and none other can do the same job as you.

Targeting market:

When you are done deciding which market services you are going to provide then comes your next step of aiming for customers.

You should prepare a list of whom you will be marketing and why you have chosen them, it can help you create strategies for your work and it can help you achieve your goals.

One of the important factors of targeting the market is to identify where your market lies. For some of you, the targeted companies might be out of the region and for others, it might be companies that are within the region.

Here is another best thing that can help you boost, you can analyze and look for loopholes in competitors and if you find any void place which can benefit you, then that is your golden chance to fit in.

There can be two cases of it:

  • The first one is that there is a lack of service(s) from any competitor.
  • Or there are not enough service providers in that market providing that particular service.

Try socializing:

You might be trying hard to look for clients but cannot find any that is because you are not working in the right direction. You cannot get the attention of customers sitting at your office.

You need to go out and interact with people to let them know about your agency. Well, there are several ways of doing it.

  • Attend seminars and try to socialize with people there.
  • Present at conferences.
  • Look for business forums where you can post.

Expanding your social circle can help you attract more clients.

Chose location:

Your location can tell a lot about your company or people may make assumptions on behalf of your location, so always try to select the right place for your office.

If you are trying to work remotely and trying to cut down costs then a virtual office will be the best option for you or you can try coworking.

Always choose a well-known place, it can create an impact on your clients and rivals that you are worthy of.

What’s next?

Until now, you are aware of the basics of how to start your marketing agency and which things you can do to boost your business. Considering these points will help you in-future get stable whether it is about getting clients, choosing a location, or targeting the market.

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