New Trends in Animation and How It is Helping Marketers


Animation is one of the most vigorous, fast-growing, and popular industries in the current times. Animation was first perceived as an industry that was specifically associated with entertainment industry and was not expected to be helpful for anything else. Yet, as the world around us became more digitalized and everything started to have an existence over the internet and screens, animation became powerfully influential in almost all prominent industries. Currently, animations are used in the fields of education, entertainment, engineering, medical, and marketing, to mention a few.

Animation is a vast industry with a lot of varieties and types that are used for attaining different animation results. Basically, animation is an art where a still object model, or a drawn image is shown as moving by employing creative photography techniques. This is the basic definition of animation and yet, there are a huge number of animations. These varieties are used for several reasons including creation of full length movies, and small videos. Marketing industry uses a lot of animation types since it needs creativity and every project has its own demands. This present article is to discuss the trends and types of animation that are used widely in marketing and how they are shaping the marketing industry.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard board animation is one of the oldest types of animation and yet, it is nowadays the most trending animation style in the marketing industry. There are two main reasons why marketers prefer whiteboard animation over other animation types. The first reason is that whiteboard animation is a type of explainer video animation that are used for delivering the information in a very effective way. Explainer videos are a very good tool for business marketing because they are capable of breaking down huge information into small steps.

This gives the whole complex concept a story-like layout delivered in a steps. The affectivity of the explainer video increases even more when a marketer chooses to use whiteboard animation. That is because whiteboard animations are very good for making the audience focus on the information as it has a whiteboard like design where there is no element of distraction in the video.

Another reason that makes whiteboard animation a trend among marketers is the availability of wide-ranging whiteboard animation tools with ease. The animation style can be used even by those who do not belong to animation industry in any way.

Animated Web Series

Web series is a technique that has been on the rise for many years in the entertainment industry. Marketers got attracted to it when they observe that the technologies are now available to a huge range of clientele. Now the inclination of marketers towards web series is growing further and they are hiring different animation studios for creating animations that revolve around their businesses. A good video animation studio company can add a lot more value to the general perception of a brand. A compelling storyline can double the sales of a product within days. An engaging web series can help a business keep the older customers and make new as well.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is also one of the most popular animation styles in present marketing industry. In this type of marketing, there is no storyline yet, there are elements on the screen that appear to be moving. This type of animation is frequently used by commercial productions and advertising agencies. The style is used to make text, objects, images, or other content appear moving. Marketers can create different types of human-like characters, info-graphics, and other type of content with motion graphics.


AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies are quite famous yet they are not accessible for everyone. These technologies were not available for the mainstream users until past few years but now it is accessible for high-tech companies who invest a lot on this style. They also have a good amount of high class grip on the technique and skill of animation. So Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are highly expensive and demanding technologies that is why, only a few big names in the industry use it. However, the type of animation is highly popular in marketing because they can change the trends and draw in the attention of a large number of audience.

3D CGI is not so Popular Anymore

3D CGI was once one of the most famous animation style and despite it being so popular, it was single-handedly created by Pixar. Many animation studios have been trying to acquire the technique since 90s except for the Japanese animators who always tried to compete and came up with their own animation techniques. However, the Pixar’s has been using it continuously for years and that has made the technique clichéd. Now the audience are tired of this repetitive animation style.

Compared to this, 2D CGI animation tools are becoming more popular these days and they are overthrowing the 3D CGI rein quality wise. That is because 2D CGI has much more diversity and it provides the animators and marketers with a lot more chance for experimentation. Using 2D CGI, marketers can form unique personas for their brands. Marketers should try to get out the most out of this trend.

YouTube is no more Supporting Animation

Marketers are needed to be aware that they should not depend alone on YouTube for advertising their animated content as the site is no longer giving any priority to the animated content. The YouTube algorithms constantly change and that is why the videos can be failure as you can lose your channel traffic at any moment, destroying all your efforts instantly. Marketers must have a backup plan and should use alternative sites for the promotion of their animated content.

These are few trends that the marketers should know about in order to shape a good strategy about animation marketing. Knowing this will allow marketers to access more opportunities by going for the right techniques and trends.


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