Mobile Marketing Benchmark As A Most Valuable Online Trend Of 2018

Mobile Marketing Strategy

In the last 12 years digitalization made everything so easy. We can see the transition from accessing things on desktop computer or laptop now available on a mobile device from opening an Email, Facebook, searching anything in Google. It has made life so simple and easier.

Information is been shared with the website and to promote and get more traffic to our websites we need a digital marketing consultancy for businesses to create brand awareness and spread information. Mobile marketing is the sub-part of digital marketing strategy. The rapid increase in technology, a decrease in smartphone prices and fast internet with low price charges is the main cause of high impact on increasing smartphone mobile user in India in the 2018 year calendar. Nowadays, 80% of internet user have owned a smartphone. Google expected more search results on mobile devices than on desktop searches in the year 2015 end and result is in favour of Google strategy. According to Google statistics, 60% of search engine query comes through mobile devices.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile era has arrived and it is expanding enormously. It is a technique to promoting your business to appeal to mobile device customer. The smartphone user increases day by day. If the mobile marketing of your business done in the right way, it can attract potential customer using smartphones. By mobile marketing campaigns targeting potential customers who use smartphones with customize, time and location-driven information.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Digital content is changed from desktop platform to mobile platform. As we see from the business point of view mobile marketing is the most used technology in the world. This data can help to grow business through mobile marketing strategies.

1. Mobile Analytics

Using this technique we can collect and analyse data obtained from mobile searches, mobile apps, and mobile website and targeting potential customers for your business.

2. Mobile Apps

Nowadays, there are many apps which are used in our daily life activities. For every activity there are apps and people downloading apps every day and the truth is not every app is helping us and we never used those apps again. Analytic conducted a research that who had used apps in the previous week and understanding that what attracted the most to the consumer to install particular and engage with mobile apps.

3. Mobile Commerce

It is a process of buying and selling the product that use wireless electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, to conduct an online sales transaction. M-commerce is helping a customer to access the internet. M-commerce transaction is rapidly increasing, include the purchasing and sales of products and services, like online payment, online banking, bill payment and information.

4. Mobile Spam

Many business people are worried about the cell phones spam, just as their e-mail accounts filled with spam emails. For major business or start-up, SMS marketing, mobile ads and other mobile marketing technique are the main part of your mobile marketing strategy. Increase in smartphones uses will affect mobile marketing in a very good manner. Every company want to give their target customer something valuable to them and send them the personalized message with special offers and coupon, but you don’t want to ruin your friendly relation with your customer.

5. Mobile Payment

Mobile payment is the most convenient option for the customer. You don’t need to carry cash in your pocket, you just need to carry your mobile device and by the use of your mobile payment mode, you can pay your bill anywhere any time.

6. Mobile Advertising

It is the process of advertising the information of product or services to mobile device and electronic devices consumers. The mode of advertisement is SMS, E-mail, and other platforms.

Mobile Advertising Is Done In The Following Technique:

A). Mobile Web: it is based on browser-based internet service, Text tagline ads, and mobile Web banner ads.

B). Multimedia Messaging Service: In this service, include Short text ads, long text ads, banner ads, audio ads and video ads.

C). Mobile Video and TV Advertising: it is really hard to attract customer attention, as the need Ad breaks, linear ad breaks, nonlinear ad breaks, and TV ads for customer attention.

D). Mobile Apps: In-app display advertising, integrated ads, branded mobile apps, sponsored mobile apps.

Mobile Marketing Platform

This is the back end technology that monitors and control your application. The fact is that it is as important as the app itself. It helps you to connect with your customer and after the launch of application refresh its content.

Need For Mobile Marketing Platform?

1. Communicate with your customer in a very friendly manner.
2. Monitor on user or target customer behaviour.
3. Refresh the product content, quality and price.

As in our increasingly digitalized world, our website becomes a very important factor in digital marketing. Mobile marketing is the part of digital marketing strategy. So we need to find out the best digital marketing consultancy for businesses which provide you with the 360-degree solution.


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