Learn How to Deal with Unresponsive SEO Clients Remarkably

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You love your clients and you don’t want to lose them. Neither do I… After all, good clients are the gateway to success. However, at times, just like you get busy with your work, your clients can find themselves buried neck deep in overwhelming tasks.

Running an SEO business requires a lot of patience. And, I really do mean it. Every day, there are a lot of distractions and as an SEO specialist, you have to go through things keeping a micromanagement as well as a macro-management lookout both at the same time.

If you have just sent your third email out and you are still wondering why they haven’t replied back, then you are not the only one. We’ve all been there and we can truly relate the horrors which surround you.

Unresponsive clients can be troublesome. Here are some great ways how you can deal with them.

Guide Your Client with Proper Information

Most clients walk away from your business proposals because they are unclear on what you are offering at the table. Clients are investing their money and they want complete tranparency at what they are getting. If you are unable to explain your clients how you are going to perform SEO or what your company is capable to acheive for them, they will simply lose interest in your proposition and look forward to a more sophisticated solution on the Internet.

First of all, kill the market jargons in your talks. Like seriously, nobody wants to listen all the in-depth technical details. Try explaining them what you can deliver in simple and plain English. The most easiest way you choose to explain them your solution, the more interested a client will get to listen what you offer.

Keep Information Concise & To the Point

Okay, so simplicity in explanation is one thing, but keeping information to the point is also increasingly relevant. Here’s why! When you are clear and concise on what you have to offer, then people are compelled to make decisions more quickly than imagined.

Have you ever watched that show called Shark Tank? Now, this show is really interesting because it allows budding entrepreneurs to put their explosively rad ideas in front of a team of investors. Although, the chances to score an investment is rather bleak; but if their ideas are worth a shot, then investors really put in some greens into their business and even promote them using their very own marketing channels.

One great thing about every entrepreneur coming to their podium is that they keep their pitch extremely concise and to the point. Each pitch delivered has value, shows passion, holds commitment, and hence, some of them even convince the investors. The story of an SEO specialist is somewhat similar! Successful digital marketing agency in Melbourne often picture themselves on a Shark Tank show before they make their offer to a client or customers. It promises them their customers will not go anywhere.

Cultivate a Strong Bond with Your Client

Look around you, what do you see? People are changing. Leaders are changing. Their leadership practices now involve introducing sustainability in business, it involves the development of soft skills, it involves morality in ethics and communication. Why is the corporate sector transforming at a rapid pace?

We can’t answer that question; however, one thing we can do is follow their lead. When a client walks through that swinging door and sits at your table, you (as an SEO specialist) need to make sure that you establish a powerful relationship with your customer. It doesn’t have to be all strictly professional, find a soft spot during the talk session and understand their wants and needs. Tap into their emotional intelligence and trust me, sometimes clients are not completely convinced with what you have to offer, yet they do allow you to take on their projects because they understand that you understand them.

Create everlasting relationship with your clients, they will engage you more often with businesses.

Emailing isn’t the Only Way to Connect

Research shows a lot of things, it also shows that email is one of the fastest ways to reach customers. But, is it? Emails are good when you are targeting a great number of audience for a promotion campaign. However, if your client isn’t responding you back on email, it does not mean the lead is dead!

Maybe, they want you to approach them in a more orderly fashion. So, why not ask them for their number and give them a call. Doesn’t sound like a bad choice now does it? Some clients don’t want to give out their numbers, so why not approach them through their social media profiles? You can always drop a message in their inbox. Start with a casual hello! Don’t bombard them with your offers and discounts.

Don’t Push too Hard or You Will Risk Your Brand Image

Some firms really don’t bother when they are playing their cards to win a customer consent. When they see a customer losing interest in their offer, they try other different ways and as a result become clingy.

Don’t do that! Like seriously, don’t. You will not only risk your brand image but you will also lose your self-worth. And I am pretty sure you don’t want to go through such an experience now, do you?

Don’t push too hard or you will be risking your brand image. A business who doesn’t care about their self-worth is the first to lose their clients permanently. You can’t always win, but you can stop trying too hard as well. If something isn’t meant to happen, it won’t! You just need to absorb it in and accept.

Maybe, you will then be able to focus your energy on goals which are more in grasp and achievable.

Parting Words

Irrespective of which business you are dealing in, unresponsive clients are almost everywhere. All you have to do is keep your cool, follow up in a reasonable time period and make sure to do whatever is best for your business. SEO is no easy task which can be explained in a bunch of words, choose words wisely.


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