Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization for Businesses

By July 23, 2019
Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization for Businesses

Everything in the contemporary world has become digital and all new businesses are growing rapidly with a digital approach. Digital media has brought about new advancements which are not just expanding the business but flourishing them.

All companies whether a start-up or a huge enterprise own websites to enhance their business value. One of the fastest, effective methodologies for turning your existing website traffic into paying customer is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

Conversion rate optimization involves tools and strategies which converts your visitors into leads and leads into customers. The conversion rate optimization experts in Dubai excel in this business by providing explicit ways to do so. They illustrate, if you want the businesses to succeed then focus on CRO. Let’s look at the fundamentals of CRO which will let your business flourish.

What exactly is CRO?

Conversion rate optimization is the process by which a business’s website visitors are increased, who are later converted to customers on available offers. For instance, if you have 30 percent conversion rate, that means 30 percent of people who visit your website will actually convert. Lots of visitors might browse your website but some will leave without spending money. However, CRO results in giving your website visitors more opportunities to say “yes.”

Types of Conversions

Conversions are of two types: Macro and Micro

In micro conversion, your customer somehow gets engaged to your brand and is willing to sign up for your newsletters or has followed you on social media. Whereas in macro conversion a customer converts on a primary offer you have given on the website which results in buying a product or subscribing to your services.

However, both micro and macro conversions are equally important in making your business successful in the competitive market.

Why should you invest in CRO?

There are many reasons to spend your valuable money and time on CRO. It is a great way to take advantage of existing traffic on your website that too without spending cash on ads. CRO builds more trust amongst your audience and generates more revenue for your business which you can use again on your business.

How cool would it be to attract your competitor’s customers? Well, that’s what CRO does for you by understanding the wants and needs of the customers directly improving the brand perception itself.

Understanding CRO in Marketing

Conversion rate optimization can take place in many forms but if you want to do it the right way then you need to place the following features in the correct manner.

  • Call to action (CTA)

A call to action is a must-have on your website, this persuades the visitors to take any action on your website. If you have an eCommerce website and you are selling various products, your visitor would definitely turn into a customer if they purchase something through CTA option right on the front page.

A simple tip for CTA is to grab your visitor’s attention with large CTA option on your web along with easy navigation to other prospects of your website.

  • Conversion Funnel

You can effectively conduct CRO and get a lot of visitors by building your own conversion funnel based on your target audience’s behaviours and touchpoints. By tracking their activity you can target them in the right place with the right approach and they will definitely get convinced to your products and services.

  • Multivariate testing

You can enhance your CRO techniques by testing multiple versions of the same assets like a landing page and by adjusting multiple variables. This will definitely get you the desired results by letting you know what aspects to work on while doing CRO.

  • Search Engine Optimization

The best way to effectively boost CRO is to improve your SEO rankings. If you get place in the top ten rankings or ensure that your prospects can easily find your website on the search engines like Google then you are likely to have a smooth yet successful business. 

  • Web UX

The best way to keep the customers attracted to your website is to improve website’s user experience. This could be done by making your site easy to navigate, easy to comprehend, informative, having a great user interface and it should have a fast loading power on smartphones as well as on desktops.

All these aspects come under website usability. If you are providing a great user experience to the visitors then they are likely to return to your website.

Final Words

Conversion rate optimization plays a key role in taking your business towards success if done correctly in the right manner just like mentioned above. So make your business flourish in the competitive market by convincing your potential customers by strategizing your moves.