How to promote your online store through content marketing?

By October 16, 2018 ,

For almost all businesses in all industries, advertising, regardless of form or channel, is essential. Omnipresent in the traditional press, on the street, on television, on the Internet, it can be perceived as invasive and discourage consumers. Also, brands are banking on new strategies like content marketing to attract potential customers. In the world of e-commerce too, the method works to attract Internet users.

Content marketing or how to convince without advertising classic

More than ever, consumers expect relevant and useful information from their suppliers of products and services. Search engines have modified their algorithm accordingly. Now, to be well positioned on SERP, brands must offer informative documents that can bring real added value for customers.

This growing need explains the rise of content marketing, which is for advertisers to showcase their expertise through quality content rather than directly promoting their products or services through intrusive advertising. For this, they must:

Regularly feed their site or blog with articles, news, white papers

Send newsletters

Publish on social networks…

By getting answers to their questions, by having the assurance of the skills of a company in a particular field, the targeted people will naturally be interested in its offer when they will be decided to buy.

For the brand too, this approach is not without interest. Because it affects not only its customers and prospects, but also its partners, influencers, media, etc. It improves its notoriety and can even, according to the richness and the frequency of its publications, establish itself as a reference on its market. In digital marketing you have promote your targeted niche specific e-commerce store products like best fridges and freezers, Home appliances, different kitchen appliances etc. Here is best example to see that you have to click here.

Quality content to convince customers of an e-shop

In the world of e-commerce too, content marketing has proved its effectiveness. Indeed, in the face of competition, how to stand out? Because price is not the only factor that matters to customers: quality, personalization, their relationship with the brand, also weighs in their choice.

And to establish a relationship of trust with his community, the e-merchant can use its contents. It can be news, advice, history of some products, anecdotes for fans, etc.

By talking to a specialist who knows his subject rather than simply selling it, customers are reassured about the ability of his products or services to meet their expectations.

The content can be shared on a separate blog, but the animation of this support is time-consuming. The information page of the online store represents an interesting alternative to show its know-how and knowledge.

Of course, this approach must be part of a global marketing strategy to offer a coherent discourse that increases the trust capital of the brand or brand.

Digital marketing, web marketing, e-marketing: how to navigate today in such a wide field of appellations? With the digital explosion of the last twenty years, the concept of digital marketing has expanded and now includes all marketing related practices that use media and web channels.

Building your presence on the web thanks to digital marketing

Almost all companies today have a website, an essential tool to be visible and to comply with consumer expectations.

Very quickly, the development of search engine algorithms revealed that a single website was not going to be self-sufficient . To become known on the Web and target the consumer, strategies have developed as and when, encompassed in what is called digital marketing.

Why do digital marketing?

The advantages of digital marketing

Why do businesses use digital marketing? Simply because a digital strategy offers multiple advantages, applicable to all types of companies, size and different means:

Digital marketing allows direct interaction with the customer

The information obtained from consumers helps you to adapt the offer and to propose a personalized product or service that corresponds to their needs;

Digital marketing promotes customer loyalty and satisfaction through a long-lasting, quality relationship;

It also saves money and costs: buying a website is cheaper than setting up a physical store;

Digital marketing creates availability 7 days a week, 24 hours a day from your business;

Openness to the international is facilitated;

Increased visibility improves your brand image and reaches a wider audience;

Digital marketing offers many more facilities and possibilities (for the company, but also for employees thanks to teleworking);

The results on the performance of your business are much more accurate than before thanks to the analysis of the KPIs;

Digital marketing can also target new customers, detect leads and thus differentiate them from the competition through a tailor-made strategy.