Google Shutting down Google+ – Things we need to know

By June 4, 2019 ,

One fine day, Google announced that Social community media Google+ would be shut down in the next few months. This was quite shocking cum surprising to all the people, organization and even competitors. Many Best internet marketing company use Google+ has a platform for their business. The company stated that data breach is the main reason for rolling out. Everyone feels that social media Facebook and Twitter are popular in comparing with Google+ with a shorter life span.

The prominence of Google+

Initial establishment of Google+ was great. Their concept of grabbing the users with the aid of Google scared the other social communities like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Google+ highly helps in integrating the social network with all Google’s services. This results in showing the content in the SERP’s of Google.

Digital marketers and business owners are the main beneficiaries of Google+. This is because Google+ offered many opportunities to improve the business through organic visibility boost traffic and brand engagement.

Nearly 2.2 billion users are registered to Google+ around the world. This is mainly for the compulsion to register with Google+ for accessing other services like Gmail, Google Drive, and other Google application. But the real active users are not up to that level. Only about 4 to 6 million active users are using Google+.

Major Breakdowns of Google+

Data Breach

Users mainly need their personal information to be safe. Internet social community strives hard in giving the assurance and reliability of the data registered with them. Suddenly on March 2018, an issue raised and scared the entire world that data breach occurs over 5 lakhs accounts. User’s private and personal information was accessed by an unknown bug. This bug made 438 apps to access the information of user, friends and personal details. The data such as email addresses, birth dates, gender, profile photos, places lived and occupation had been used by unknown authorization. The company detected that bug had been breaching since 2015. But this was not announced legally to retain the reputation of Google+.

Decreased user base

Actually, Google+ launched in 2011 as the competition for other social communities say Facebook and Twitter. But Google+ failed to impress the user by inefficient feature with high competition. Business organizations are the main beneficiaries of Google+ for their internal company purposes. Only 4 to 6 million peoples are active user utilize Google+ from 2.2 billion registered users. This turns the company in losses in return on investment and reputation.

Social media users and Google+ are not bothered about the statement of shutting down. But it mainly affects the users of management and business.

Announcements and updates of Google+

The first announcement was made in December 2018 and stated as Google+ would be shut down in 2019 due to the low usage and challenges on managing the successful product that meets the customer. Google+ had made special arrangements and gave time limits for retrieving and backup their personal data.

By February 4th, the company made the changes in such a way not allow the user to create new pages or account in Google+.

On April 2nd the company announced about the permanent deletion of pages that were created and contents of personal accounts of Google+ users. Additionally, Photos and videos associated and saved with Album archive and Google+ pages would also be deleted.

The company has finalized the decision by August 2019; there will be a complete shutdown of Google+ for normal personalized accounts. Special arrangements will be made for a Business organization for continuous usage.

Remedies for existing users

The announcement of Google+ shut down is not a big threatens to the world, but this part made the existing beneficiaries said. To help the existing users, the company launched the service called Takeout, which makes an exporting data a much smoother and more efficient process. This aids an inefficient way for the customer to download their pieces of stuff without many difficulties. The services and accounts that are synchronized with Google+ will be disconnected. So the details that are interconnected with the Google+ should be retrieved for the backup.

Impacts of Google+ shut down On SEO

The content writing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are highly significant for any web pages in the search engine. The ranking and up voting for developing the web pages is necessary in day to day world. Google version of upvoting is interconnected with Google+. When a piece of content is upvoted to +1 (Google version of upvoting) then the content would be reposted in Google+. This aids in personalizing the content based on the network. If the person posting with enough +1’s voting then the ranking in the Google+ for the particular content would be increased. This clearly shows the prominence of Google+ on Search engine optimization.

Future of Google

Competitors and developers are keenly watching the next move of Google+. By the failure of Google+, the company may have any new products to launch to excite the user, and also to earn more popularity and Profitability. Despite having a dedicated community, it is unfortunate Google involvement of social media was not a successful one.

With this shutdown, Google may plan to develop new social media to challenge the other existing competitors. Also, Google is busy in developing other projects such as Google Project stream, integrating their product with Artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Even though Google had created a social media community with exciting technology and much goodness, it fails to satisfy the user at large scales. The main backlog occurred in Google+ is not taking proper necessary action on a bug that ruined the popularity and reliability of using Google+. From the point of establishment, people showed less interest in Google+ is an added disadvantage of Google+.