Email Marketing is the best way to Maximize E-commerce Sales

email marketing

For beginners, did you know that email marketing is the third on the list when it comes to finding B2B info? It ranks behind the insights provided by colleagues and industry recommendations. This relates to about fifty-nine percent of all B2B marketers starting email marketing because it is a significant revenue form for generating ads. Also, eighty percent of retailers state that email marketing drives high sales levels and boosts retention of customers over other types of internet marketing.

There are no one-size fits all

Honestly, no single size fits everyone whether concerning the t-shirt or marketing approach because the results leave a lot to be desired; very many advertising firms in the market use this method when coming up with email lists. Nevertheless, the matter here is that the business caters for several demographics. Things that interest young millennials do not impact senior citizens; why send the same message? That is a quick way of making sure that future words are banished to the spam folder. You have to form segments of individual lists. Segmentation will make sure that you are sending relevant info and that will boost your revenue

A Format for Mobile Devices

For the majority of people, the smartphone acts as the central command. They possess it all through the day, it is their essential communication means, and they do business with it away from the office. With the growth of mobile devices, it is crucial to send a message that is mobile friendly. Many companies are using archaic email formatting and technology that are keeping them behind in the competition.

Real Address, Real Email

How many times do you receive emails from addresses that say ‘no reply,’ or ‘do not reply’ or a variation between them? When you get this email, what action do you take? In case it is coming from the firm you trust, and often shop with, you might open it and read. From many third-party senders and other businesses, you can avoid or delete it altogether. When you fill a form on the website, you answer a few questions; you type out digits to make sure that you are not a bot and submit your information. Despite making sure that you are not a bother, the businesses may use bots to email you automatically.

Always Personalize

Personalization does not beat personalization. It demonstrates the way you connect with the customer directly. Creating email lists that are segmented helps with this because you know demographics, products, and their records. If your message demonstrates more of this, you will have a great chance of customers following the call to action.

Timing is everything

Formulating a message and sending it out at any time is among beautiful features of email. Irrespective of the location, content, or time zone, your message will get in their email. That does not mean that they see it. Just like other things online, from YouTube videos to social media posts, there is the best time to do content sharing.

There are particular times of the day you become likely to see and even open emails. For many business people, the rate of opening is high between 8.00am and 9.00am in the morning. The open rate drops beyond that time. This, however, is dependent on the profession. In case you are sending it to college students, the rate increases between 10.00am and 11.00am. The optimal time changes for professionals in the manufacturing industry.


When done in the right manner, email can significantly boost the e-commerce storefront. When you take advantage of these proven ways to maximize the potential of your site, you will grow your analytics tracking data, increase your marketing research, ensure the email is landing in the inbox, and improve visibility. In no time, you will start seeing a high return on email marketing, which helps boost the bottom line and drive sales.  


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