Display advertising: choose the right targeting option

By September 26, 2018

Display advertising is mainly used to increase the brand awareness of your brand among your target group. With a catchy text and good images, you can introduce people in your target group to your brand and products. This way of advertising nowadays has many methods to be able to accurately mark the target audience and to show your banners in a targeted manner. Why you should put this in and how I should explain this in this article.

At Rochester NY SEO Company we often have to explain the importance of display advertising. A much heard argument is that there are no conversions to come out and so it would be money thrown away. It is true that there are no conversions, but it is important not to count display advertising on conversions, but on other KPIs such as display, frequency and clicks. To explain this, we use the customer journey as an example. There are several names for this model, such as the popular AIDA model and See, Think, Do, Care from Google.

What is a customer journey?

In the customer journey, the customer’s purchase process is divided into different phases. In short, it means that online marketing has to function just like a football team. Many companies focus only on the conversion or the Do phase (the peak), while the other phases are also very important in the decision process. With a football team you can not only draw up spiers in a team. There, the ball goes from the keeper to the defender (See-phase), the midfielder (Think-phase) and finally the striker (Do-phase) to score. You can also rely on online marketing here. People first have to come into contact with your brand, to be taken into account in the decision-making process and whether or not to make a conversion to you.

In order to not only focus on the Do phase, but also on the other phases, you can use various means. Display advertising is the ideal tool for the See phase.

Target group targeting

It is possible to reach many people with display advertising, but it is necessary to target the most relevant target group. There are various options for this:

  • Affinity
  • In-market
  • Custom Intent
  • Life Events (for Gmail and YouTube only)

These target groups are divided into different categories based on the search behavior of a user in Google. New users are added here, but people also drop out when they no longer meet the conditions.


This target group has affinity with the product you offer. Suppose you sell photo cameras, you could target a target group that has an affinity with photography. This target group is less explicitly looking for such a product, but is already coming into contact with your brand.


A target group that can be more relevant is the one that falls within the in-market target group. The word says it all: these are people who enter the market to buy a photo camera.

Custom Intent

In addition to the existing target groups specified by Google, you can also create your own target group based on your best keywords and your URL, as well as the URL of competitors.

Life Events (only for Gmail Ads and Youtube Ads)

A new targeting method is “life events”. This allows you to generate engagement from viewers on YouTube and users of Gmail around important milestones in their lives, such as graduation, moving or marrying. You can target the following time:

  • Just before someone graduates
  • Recently graduated
  • Just before a move
  • Recently moved
  • Just before a wedding
  • Recently married

Within Google Ads it is possible to create your own banners, but you can also create them externally and have them uploaded later.

Think of what you want to achieve with display advertising before you get started with its design. As mentioned, you can not pay this form of advertising on conversions. Look at how many people you reach and how many people click through. Try to raise the CTR by testing with different expressions and target group additions. Good luck!


She is a senior research specialist @ SkWebDesigningSolutions based in United States. She is currently performing responsibilities as a senior content writer & in task to find new content marketing strategies for brand promotion.