Digital Marketing in Movies’ Promotion

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Do you know that Marvel is filming Eternals as you read this blog? Maybe not, but you’d instantly know when Marvel will release the movie because the trailer would be on your social media accounts. Trailers ‘trend’ on YouTube and Facebook, they get ‘tweeted’ about on Twitter, and the Instagram ‘stories’ garner a hundred thousand views. In such a time, it is great to be a digital marketing company in India or anywhere else in the world. In India, the industry is worth $ 68 billion and it is expected to grow at an increasing rate each year.

The Internet has transformed how movies are promoted. Up until a decade ago, newspaper advertisements, printed and hand-painted movie posters were a popular way to endorse upcoming movies in India. Movie posters are still made, but they come in digital forms, a miniscule are printed for movie halls and billboards, etc.

Digital marketing in the entertainment industry has been used extensively because it is progressively advantageous for movie promotions. Inexpensive mobile and Internet devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers have made this transformation possible. With Reliance lowering Internet data costs to surprisingly affordable rates, Indians have found a new world in their smart machines.

This blog attempts to comprehend and explore the relationship between digital marketing and the movie industry. Technology is driving us at every step in the modern world. There’s no aspect of human life that’s untouched by some form of technological advancement. In the entertainment industry, it’s wonderfully employed to capture the audience’s attention and keep them hooked to the digital screens.

VFX is a good example to prove the point. Visual effects have given wings to movie-makers’ imagination. It has opened beautiful doors. From high-end cameras to live-streaming promotional events, the entire industry is enjoying the sweet fruits of technology.

Social Media Marketing or SMM

SMM is the most common and popular type of digital marketing and in it YouTube is the biggest social media platform for movie promotion. Not just the trailer; promotional events, behind-the-scenes, and press conferences are put on YouTube to create hype about the movie. Then there is Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; actors use their personal accounts to promote upcoming projects. Social media is being used to set up a personal dialogue and discussion which is a wonderful technique. The obsession of millennials with social media has made it an essential part of digital marketing. Harry Potter’s Facebook Page was diligently updated and it had over 29 million likes. A digital marketing company in India dealing with movie promotion is well aware of the sentiments of the people and it has techniques to viral them as online campaigns. Thus, when Akshay Kumar was seen holding a pad, many sportspersons, and TV and movie actors took up the challenge and the Padman hashtag went viral. These kinds of stunts stay for a longer time in people’s mind as they are perceived as the popular culture and the general audience take delight in being a part and proponent of the popular culture.

Online games and Websites

Pottermore was created for Harry Potter fans when the last movie of the franchise was set to release. It was a huge hit all around the world. In a similar fashion, ‘Virtual Hunger Games’ was launched that gave users an opportunity to experience an environment similar to that shown in the movie. Such engagements go a long way in leaving an imprint on people’s minds, so much so that you can see how fervently involved people have become over the years with their favorite actors and characters. Marvel Cinematic Universe is the epitome of this trend. The digital marketing techniques for the kind of content that Marvel creates, makes all the rage come alive inside of people who wish to experience such marvelous things happening to them!

Advertising and IMDB Listings

IMDB is visited by hundreds of thousands of people every day, a digital marketing company in India involved in movie promotion must consider its ratings. It is unwise to ignore this influential platform. Facebook advertising has picked up the pace; fan pages, profile pictures, and hashtags form an integral part of movie promotion. ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ flamed the gender equality issue and Facebook and Instagram were flanked by people contributing to the trend. Aamir’s movies are the best-ranked stories on IMDB and it’s no surprise given the actor’s a great performer as well as a creative marketer.

Some marketers make website pages to share videos of their movies instead of sharing them on YouTube because the landing page gives them greater control over the visual experience. Social quizzes and competitions are used to engage fans. Partnering with other celebrities and brands automatically increase the fan base. Memes and other user-generated content (UGC) are also part of the marketing strategy.

Digital marketing companies have a huge market in India with Bollywood, Tollywood, and regional TV and cinema. The budget allocation for promoting content through digital media has been growing but marketing sans Internet is not dead. When Game of Thrones was premiered in the UK, they set up a huge dragon-like skeleton on one Dorset beach, Bollywood stars travel to different cities to promote their movies, and millions joined the 15-month long ‘Why So Serious?’ campaign, probably the biggest fan involvement and detailed promotional activity ever, but there’s no escaping the digital and the pictures, videos, and other news material from these offline event further add to the marketers efforts.

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