5 Creative Marketing Strategies You Hadn’t Thought Of

By May 25, 2021

Want to get your brand noticed? Like, really stand out? TV and social media ads just don’t cut it anymore. The amount of time Americans spend watching TV is dropping dramatically. 

For your business to stand out, you need to think outside the box and get people excited about your product or service.

Want to know how to do creative marketing well? Want to drive new customers to your website? Look no further than this article.

We’ll give you heaps of ideas to add to your repertoire of creative marketing strategies that are sure to wow your potential audience. 

1. Start Creative Marketing By Going Offline

Huh? You’re trying to market a digital business, and we’re telling you to take it offline? 

Don’t worry; we’ve not gone mad. Offline merchandise can be a surprisingly effective way to get the word out about your business. 

Stickers, posters, t-shirts, bumper stickers are all relevant marketing strategies in today’s digital world. 

Seen all the hipsters at coworking offices with laptops covered in stickers? That’s some free advertising real estate right there! You need to make sure you design a sticker people actually want!

If you have cool branding that makes it clear what your business is about, handing out free stickers is a smart move. You don’t even need to give people the stickers; you can stick them in places people will see them: subway cars, bus stops, lamp posts. 

Posters are another great way to get your brand in front of potential customers. You need to know where your customers hang out. Selling yoga holidays? Then ask local yoga studios if you can stick your posters up there. 

Now for t-shirts. You want the best company shirt imaginable for your brand. If something doesn’t look cool, people will associate poor quality with your business! 

Tips for creating epic t-shirts: make them funny, so people remember them. Make it easy for people to find your website if they see someone wearing one of your shirts. 

2. Try Referrals and Affiliates

Did you know that a huge 65% of new business comes from referrals? What? That’s a lot of people!

Of course, people trust their friends more than they trust you! A company they’ve never heard of reaching out to tell them about their own product.

Are potential customers really going to believe your claims over a friend? A friend who has tried and tested your product?

If you aren’t using referral marketing as part of your creative online marketing strategies, you are missing out on a huge business opportunity.

There are several ways you can create referral campaigns. One of the easiest ways to get people to promote you is to offer them a discount for every new friend they introduce.

Affiliates work similarly, but these tend to be influencers in your niche who have a big following. They will offer their followers a discount if they sign up using a code.

You will then usually pay the influencer a small fee per converted customer. This may sound like it will cost a lot, but it’s more effective than social media campaigns.

You aren’t just burning money promoting yourself to people who might be interested in your product. Instead, you are only paying for the direct acquisition of new customers. 

Another great way to get referrals for free is to encourage your users to share content about your brand. Incentivize them with the chance to feature on your profile if they do.

Get existing customers to promote your brand to their circle, and your job finding new customers will become a lot easier! 

3. Answer Questions On Forums

What problem does your business solve? Whatever it is, there will be people asking related questions online somewhere. 

Find those people and offer your product as a solution to their problem. Only if your product actually solves their problem, that is. Nobody wants unsolicited promotion on the forum! 

Another great way to exert creativity in marketing strategy is to create explainer content. Make fun, informative videos that show people what your business is all about. 

The funnier and more unique your videos are, the more likely they are to go viral. Get super creative with brainstorming content and show the potential customer how your product will change their lives!

4. Contests and Freebies 

Everyone loves free stuff. If you run competitions, you will get people entering. No brainer. 

Offer a free gift if people sign up for your service.

Run competitions that encourage people to share your brand on social channels. This will help spread the word about your brand without you doing anything. All you have to do is offer a covetable prize. 

5. Brand Collaboration 

One of the most underused marketing strategies for small businesses is brand collaboration. 

Work with other brands to promote one another. Collaborate on a limited edition product. For example, if you are a clothing brand, why not collaborate with an artist? 

Create limited edition products, scarcity sells. If people think they won’t get something in a week anymore, they will purchase it now. 

You can work with your collaborator to cross-promote one another’s business. 

Start Getting Creative

Now you have tons of ideas for creative marketing; it’s time to get started! The great thing about these strategies is that you can make them all your own. 

Put your stamp on the strategy and start getting your brand in front of new customers. We promise you’ll have fun while you do it!