19 Ways to Improve and Maintain your Search Engine Position Ranking

By November 9, 2018 ,
SEO Content

For years, SEO has been a helping tool in the digital world. It is a source of free, endless traffic. You only need to optimize your website and the traffic will come to you. But this is not as simple as it seems.

It’s more than creating quality content and waiting for people to find it. Furthermore, it’s more than having a fast website.

There is no defined path a website can take to obtain a high search engine position ranking. You need to be committed for conducting research, applying strategy, analytics, and implementation to get results. In case, if you are finding difficult, you can take help from professionals.

They will give you effective solutions for your problems according to your business.

How to rank on Google? Read ahead to know the answer:

1-Make Your Website User-Friendly

The website itself is the important part of SEO. If your website is not providing great User experience (UX) there is no use of having good content and great tools. User-friendly websites aim to deliver a smooth and reliable experience. This experience varies according to the target audience expectations from your business and your industry.

2- Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Today due to the frequent use of mobile, over 50% of a website is viewed on mobile devices. So, this reason is enough to make your website mobile-friendly.

Following features should be incorporated to make your site mobile-friendly:

  • The display should be proper and well designed to be executed well on a mobile screen.
  • Should be fast enough on mobile as on a desktop.
  • Big enough to be viewed easily.
  • Should have a simplified mobile menu.
  • Button and links should be placed properly so that people don’t accidentally click them.
  • Text can be easily seen. For mobile, the font should be between 16-20 depending on the font style.
  • The website should look organized and symmetrical.

3-Optimize Your Website Speed

According to HubSpot, 47% of user expect that a website should load in less than 2 seconds. On the other hand, the time of loading for mobile is within 4 seconds. For a delay of every 1 second load time delay, your conversion rate decreases by 7%. If your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load, then you are losing your over 1/2 of users. You need to optimize your website. To track your website speed, you can use paid tools like Webpage Test.

4- Easy Navigation

Proper navigation is the key to hold the interest of your visitor. So, you need to place the things properly so that they can move easily across your website. To know about the user requirement, use the analytics to see the ways of people using navigation.

5- Local Integration is Significant

If you are running a local business then your customers should reach you easily. For instance, if you are having a restaurant then your customer should be able to see your menu and should pick order online. According to Google study, 88% people who search your local website will visit your shop within 24 hours.

6-Pay Attention to Above the Fold

Above the fold is the part that appears on the screen before a person scrolls either on mobile or desktop. This creates a problem when a website does not load instantly, so this part should provide a reason to the visitor to stay and scroll.

7-Do Competitor Analysis

Search ranking is all about competition. You need to be aware of the changes your competitor is making to stay ahead. To have a deep analysis of your website you can use tools like AhRefs or SimilarWeb. Secondly, you can contact a digital marketing agency as they utilize various industry-leading tools to solve your problems.

8- Manage Your Content Asset

You might be trying SEO for the first time. In that case, you might have started a blog. If you are having quality content, then update it for productive use.

9- Develop SEO Content

Content that people consume including videos, apps, games, online calculator, infographics, and blog post should be aligned with SEO. You need to do this to enhance your performance. Ways to develop SEO content are as follows:

10- Learn About Your Audience

Your website is useless if you are not getting the target audience. You should be very clear when creating content. Here’s a situation, if the wrong audience is coming to your website they will exit. Due to this practice, Google will think that you are not delivering a good user experience.

11-Focus on Customer Journey

SEO content is created around the buyer’s journey. Different content will have an impact at different stages. For instance, if you are not buying a certain thing from a site. But when you visit the site and see the positive response from the customer this will make you comfortable to purchase it and share the details.

12- Link Generation

Links to your website is a properly established ranking factor in SEO. People link content for multiple reasons. Opportunities you get from linkable content are listed below:

  • Blogger or writer may cite an important definition, statistics or a fact.
  • They may add helping tools for the benefit of people.
  • If you write a favorable review, a product or service may link to your website.
  • A business person might link your website if you interview him.
  • Customer may link to your website if they want to share a product or service you are selling.

These were some of the ways to create a linkable content. Furthermore, link building is also very significant in SEO. It is on of the practices in offsite SEO. You can also avail Boston SEO services to help you generating high quality backlinks for your website.

13- Create Content Related to Keywords

In SEO you need keywords for three reasons:

  • To understand the need of people.
  • To tell the search engine about your content.
  • To engage the viewer and reader in the content.

14- Make Your Content Productive

Previously people try to use low-quality content to get ranked on search engine. Most of the content added was not relevant to the topic. But with the enhanced Google algorithm you can’t do this. Create an effective content marketing strategy to ensure that your content is helpful and engaging.

15- Proper Length of Content

You content should have enough length to convey the proper message or information. For instance, if you are writing a blog post you can’t say all things in 250 words. If you are planning to compete you need to have lengthy blogs. You can see what your competitors are doing to have an idea. You need to make your content enough and productive as well to compete.

16- Frequently Publish Content

Unique and frequently updating websites are preferred by Google. If you are not updating your site, then Google will de-index your pages from search. This can happen in a time of 6 months and this takes time to recover. Hence, ongoing SEO optimization is necessary for the business to maintain their ranking.

17- Distribute Your Content

After you have created the SEO content you need to distribute it properly to get the benefits. You need to have a property strategy for this task. Do the following:

  • Share and advertise on social media by developing social media marketing.
  • Go for a permission-based email system. Share the piece of content with your user. 77% people prefer this a way of communication with brands.

18- Analyze Website Performance

Keep track of your performance. To do this get Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. Set them up to evaluate your performance.

From Search Console you can learn the following things:

  • In which queries do you appear?
  • A number of queries in which you are appearing vs. your site clicked.
  • Your ranking in the searches.
  • Are you all pages indexed in the Google?
  • Are the pages appearing in Google’s Mobile search?
  • Record of websites that are linking to your website?

From Google Analytics you can understand your visibility. Here you can know about:

  • Pages people are visiting.
  • Number of repeat visitors.
  • Time people spend on your website.
  • Do people click on other pages or leave?
  • Do people follow a certain path set up by you on your website?
  • Information about the demographics.
  • Route of the traffic.

19- Adapt Algorithm Changes

Google decide the search engine ranking through a complex algorithm. SEO experts regularly do tests to know about the things that are important for Google. In case of change, SEO experts run tests to figure out the things that are changed. Stay updated and prepare yourself to update.

Achieve Search Engine Ranking and Maintain it

You need to implement all the above-mentioned things to get the desired results. Build a responsive website, perform competitor analysis, create quality content, stay updated and adapt to the changes. Still wondering how to do this all? You can simply contact experienced companies to avail SEO services. The professionals will do all that is right for your business.