5 Best Team Building Activities to Follow at your Next Office Event

By July 1, 2019
5 best team building activities to follow at your next office event

An office event is just one of those occasions, you have to be a part of it no matter if you want to or not. But that shouldn’t mean that the event is destined for a vibe of boredom right from the offset.

In fact, the whole end goal is to motivate and inspire co-workers and presenting a clear vision leading towards mutual success. Hence what you can do at your next office event is introduce a few fun activities that, apart from breaking the ice also promote team building, and cooperation.

As a professional Corporate Events Planner in Singapore, here are the 5 best team building (did we mention fun?) activities to follow at your next office event.

  1. Stage Show Challenge: Bring out the inner actors and actresses from within your employees/co-workers, and energize the whole vibe of the occasion. Now we all have closet artists in our groups and encouraging them to participate in a kind of street-show format will only make them gel together even more with the colleagues. An excellent team bonding activity, you also get to offer a break to your employees and everyone can relax a bit.

    It’s also helpful that you provide a particular theme to the challenge as well, and offer some sort of a prize to the winner, just to ensure maximum and willing participation.

2. Comic Book Contest: The best thing about childhood is the feeling of no worries, and certainly no burden. Just read comic books all day and try to capture the feel of being a superhero saving the world.

Let your employees rekindle that feeling, only this time they are the one creating the comic book for everyone to read. Simply assign a contest judge and let your workers run wild with their imagination.

A comic book contest is the perfect blend of imagination, fun and team building spirit, and can also have business-related consequences since you know who are the most imaginative and out-of-the-box thinkers under your employment. They can be the future innovators who take your company to the next level.

3. The Office Master-Chef: At an office event, you certainly have to offer some refreshment to all the attendees, but what if you can achieve the same task but with some dose of creativity as well? Simply declare a cooking contest, and divide your employee into separate groups who can make whatever they like and the cuisine can be distributed later for everyone to enjoy.

Not only it’s a perfect team building activity, but you add an extra layer of fun and competitiveness to a part of the event that would’ve taken place regardless, i.e. the lunch/dinner break.

4. The Star Wars Challenge: How about a battleground setup with your troop fighting to save the planet? Doesn’t really have to be a Star-Wars theme but the raw idea is the same. Just hand out nerf guns/lasers to teams and have them fight against each other.

This is an adrenaline-pumping experience for everyone involved and team-building is one of the key ingredients to assist them during such a scenario. Perhaps one of the most exciting team building activities, the whole vibe of the event is sure to bump up by quite a few notches.

5. Jigsaw Puzzle Contest: Again, if promoting team building is a priority, then what better way to have these groups solve a puzzle with multiple brains functioning together to solve the same mystery.

Create teams, and have them work together towards solving a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle, and the team finishing the task earlier than everyone else gets some sort of a reward as well.

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