4Ps of Event Management Company

By November 17, 2018
4Ps of Event Management company

Event management has its 4Ps– Planning, Promotion, Preparation, Performance…These are the ingredients which help an event agency Singapore successful.

  1. Planning:

It is not just the first of the Ps of event management but the most important one as well. Having a good event plan is like half the battle you won. If you want to bag the event, read as much as you can about the client, the industry it is in, its products and services and its competition.

  1. Promotion:

You may have the largest of the screens at the event but there is no point if the banquet meant for 1000 people has only 100 people watching them. That is why promoting your event, is an absolute must.

  1. Preparation

Making a checklist is important: Prepare a checklist of items to be bought or rented, services to be rendered, the preferred vendors/suppliers and their backups along with their contact detail. Collect all possible numbers including those of their deputies or juniors on your list.

It is a very good idea to identify and work with suppliers who are responsive – those who take your calls or bother to call back and message, even if they charge a tad more. This would save you a lot when you are executing an event on a tight timeline, which is generally the case.

Resource allocation / Assigned duties: No matter how multi-talented or hardworking you are, you cannot do everything on your own.  So, do make the better calculation of the number of days to the event (reverse calendar) and break your work plan into smaller, achievable parts.

Pre-event meeting: Practice makes an event about to perfect. If it is possible, make sure that event rehearsals must be done. It will give you an idea of what possibly can go wrong, the weak areas that need to be perfected and lastly, the actual time each of the activities planned will take.

Ensuring safety and compliance: Make sure about required licenses, structural safety and fire compliance, traffic management, an ambulance with included all the required medical facilities etc. are the event manager’s responsibility. If the client wishes to undertake any of these on its own, mention the same in the contract/agreement explicitly.

  1. Performance

Again, performance comes from planning. Deliver what actually you have promised and planned for…be it numbers in terms of attendance, execution of the innovative concept, impressive décor and the unveiling of the product being launched, personalization in the event theme, innovative concepts, maximum media presence and coverage thereof, mind-blowing performances, celebrity coordination, and  technical aspects

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