3 Certifications to A More Qualified HR Professional

By March 13, 2019 ,

There has been a tremendous transformation in the way the HR field have evolved within a couple of years. Earlier, the HR responsibilities were restricted to hiring, making payroll and firing. But currently these roles have diversified leading to more greater talent management responsibilities.  Today, organizations are more interested in hiring a professional with in-depth knowledge about the organization’s challenges and how one can overcome them.

Although a bachelor’s degree is required for an entry-level job in the HR profession, having a professional certification can be the leading edge in this field. With the industry being fast-paced, gaining a certification is the best way to adapt to these changes.

Here’s a closer look at three best human resource management certifications that can help upscale in the field of human resources:

  1. Senior Professional in Human Resources – SPHR

This certification is for professionals having 5 years and above in the human resources field and he should also hold a Master’s degree. However, if you have seven years of experience in the field of human resource then you do not require a Master’s degree. This certification provides HR skill set in strategic management along with organizational knowledge. An individual looking for an executive position, staffing firms to a private corporation can take up this certification.

Once you get though with the certification there are certain job roles that one is eligible for such as HR generalist, HR specialist, and HR global manager etc.

       2. Talent Management Institute – TMI

The Talent Management Institute provides one of the best talent management credentials for aspiring HR professionals. Organization these days expect their human resources professionals to lead the company in a strategic direction maintaining a highly skilled workforce. And since talent management is the key component to most businesses these days, is it highly recommended to take up such certifications.

The Global Talent Management Leader is an expert level certification curated by two eminent leaders – Talent Management Institute and the Wharton School. Getting certified from such prestigious institute can help one advance beyond organizational goals and remain competitive beyond professional development opportunities. If you are a mid-career HR professional looking to advance in the talent management role, then this can be the right program for you. A professional with this certification will open job opportunities in positions such as global talent management leader, head global talent management, and director talent management etc.

       3. The Global Professional in Human Resources – GPHR

This certification demonstrates the candidate’s competency in the multinational human resources responsibilities. The GPHR certification deals with in-depth knowledge of cross border employment arrangement and how to manage them. This is generally for individuals who have extensive years of experience to their profession. 

If one is looking to expand their horizon beyond the global market. Most businesses today have started catering to international market space, which means candidates might often be from different countries having their own regulations. If one needs to overcome such circumstances, then taking up this certification can be a good start. Post this certification, professionals will have the opportunity to broaden their possibilities of acquiring job roles such as global HR strategic development, international assignment management etc. These are some of the best HR certifications to earn today. That being said, these certifications have gained a lot of traction these days. Based on the level of experience and skills you already have, one can choose from any one of the certifications mentioned above.

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