Pamper Yourself Well. Gift Yourself That Precious Thing!

By April 15, 2019
no credit check loan no guarantor

Your first salary, your first saving, your first proposal, your first promotion, your graduation, your birthday, your appraisal, all the firsts and highs of your life deserve an award. YOU deserve a reward for all your hard work and dedication. You are entitled to a souvenir for reaching a checkpoint in your life.

Do not restrain yourself from buying that piece of jewellery or getting yourself a new mobile phone. You have earned this achievement and you have all the right to pamper yourself. Even if you find yourself being short of funds at the moment, borrow funds from family or get a no credit check loan. But do not resist in pouring some love on you!

Yes, A Loan for A Gift.

Technology today has made our lives much convenient and simpler. Most of our needs are solved through our mobile phone or desktop. Food, clothes, cabs, recharges and now even money is accessible via mobile phone.

Like any other app or website, loans are also being given online. The online direct lending market is quite vast and is emerging with the increasing number of borrowers across the country. Even if you want to borrow a £100, you can get a loan for it. For any purchase you wish to make, however small, the online lending community will be ready to offer you services.

And you would be surprised to know the scale of existing trend of online borrowing. People use these small loans for home repairs, car maintenance, event tickets, and even for paying their rent. These loans have been specially designed for people in immediate need of finances.

If you are worried about long, untidy procedure for applying, you should not. If you are confused that how will you buy that gift for yourself right away, stop it. Simply because all this happens within 24 hours. You apply on a website, you wait for the process and get the money in your account on the same day itself. It is as smooth as you wish today and buy tomorrow.T


These lending websites offer short-term loans of amounts ranging from a hundred to a few thousand pounds. The age of the borrower being greater than 18 and being a UK Citizen are two basic eligibility requirements for these loans.

The probability of your application approval and the rate of interest are dependent on lending factors like the applicant’s credit history, debt to income ratio, financial status, if there is no guarantor, affordability and the type of loan. In case you do not have a credit history, or have a poor credit score, other factors determine your credibility as a borrower.

The repayment period varies from a few weeks to a few months. You can even decide the repayment method based on your comfort. You can pay the whole amount at once, or you can decide on paying in instalments. You can also get all the services at your doorstep, including application form, delivery of the loan amount and collection of repayments.

A Hidden Gift.

You take a loan, you pamper yourself and then repay the loan responsibly. You are then left with a precious and memorable reward. But that is not all you get!

When you pay back the loan on time and without any missed payments, you build your credit score on the side. A careful borrowing and repaying behaviour increases your credit score, which helps you greatly in future borrowings.

An increased credit score and a positive history is your additional hidden gift on the side. It is a win-win situation for your present and future loan applications.

A Word of Caution.

Before you choose a lender online, explore your options. You would have ample number of online lenders to choose from. Browse through the types of loans, their APRs and study which deal works the best for you. Be smart when shopping online.

Another thing to focus upon is the reliability of the lender. Read the reviews, look for any additional hidden costs, go through the loan agreement carefully and be certain of how much you will have to repay. The online presence of the lender should be genuine.

Be sensible enough to pick the cheapest deal for yourself. Do not let the website lure you into paying more.

Calculate your affordability before applying, and borrow only what you can easily repay. Prior knowledge and understanding of your financial condition will help you through the borrowing period.


You work hard to improve your life standard. But you deserve to be pampered and loved too. You do not earn money just for others or your home. Spend your money on yourself. No matter what they say, money can buy happiness. Who does not feel happy with a new diamond or the latest iphone? Stop holding yourself back. Go out and shop!