Tips and Tricks To Choose The Best Screen Blinds For Offices

By November 29, 2018
The Best Screen Blinds For Offices

Within the integral design of offices and modern and productive work spaces, the control of natural lighting has gained special importance in recent years. Incorporating blinds and curtains that mitigate the reflections or the heat provided by direct sunlight is an inevitable option when creating work spaces that are as healthy as they are productive.

Measure Direct Light

One of the values ​​that make it advisable to place screen blinds in work spaces is its ability to regulate the intensity of natural light from outside. It is advisable; therefore, that the first step you take before ordering your screen blinds is to measure with a light meter the intensity of the solar radiation during the whole working day tomorrow, noon, and afternoon. If, for example, you work in an environment that receives little sunlight, choose office blinds that allow a minimum opening of 5%, that way you will take advantage of every last drop that important source of wellbeing at work, which is the light of the sun.

Measure Reflected Light

This second advice is often forgotten by people who do not dedicate themselves to the integral design of work-spaces in a professional manner: measuring the incidence of light on work surfaces, especially on the tabletops, but also in decorative elements such as the paintings or functional elements such as doors and walls. The technicians in Prevention of Labor Risks, when verifying the luminous suitability of a work space, usually measure the intensity of natural and artificial light that bounces off surfaces and interferes with the vision capacity and the concentration of the workers. You can measure that reflected light before acquiring screen blinds, so you will save not only a call for attention in the next visit of the Work Inspection, but the investment of acquiring new curtains or screen blinds that guarantee the well-being of your work team.

Size Does Matter

One of the most striking features of blinds is that they adapt perfectly to large diaphanous spaces, as well as small offices, conference room furniture, waiting rooms or collaborative work spaces. But despite this versatility, well measure the window or door window where you will place your screen blinds is the first step to choose the model, the material, and the opening capacity of this functional complement. On the other hand, remember the influence of color on our perception of space: the dark colors of the screen blinds will reduce the dimensions of the room where they are installed, while the light colors will subjectively increase those dimensions.

Prepend Functionality to The Design

In the same way that we do in our own homes, in our work center we tend to prioritize the beauty or the color of the blinds to the functionality that this important element must fulfill. When choosing the best screen, remember to verify that it fulfills its main functions:

  • Guarantee privacy when you need it: this is the case of the management offices, the meeting room, the video-conference booths, etc.
  • Mitigate the natural light of the exterior.
  • Bring luminosity in darker interior areas.

The Screen Blinds Bring Comfort to The Work Team

Our last advice: blinds, like curtains, are decorative and functional elements that can transmit positive or negative feelings to the work team. Choosing cheerful tones, for example, will transmit positive sensations to the space and people who work on it, while cold-colored screen blinds can visually reduce the available space and, thus, produce negative sensations to the people who work in that space. The simple blinds are capable of creating private work environments where the manager or employee feels relaxed to undertake concentration tasks or open collaborative work spaces that convey ideas of open and participatory communication, etc.

Which of these tricks to choose the best roller blinds do you find most interesting? Why? Leave your comment on our blog; we would love to read your opinion.

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