Travelling the Middle East: Dubai to Abu Dhabi

By January 18, 2019
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Middle East is an excellent place to visit as a tourist. The cities are beautifully built and developed with numerous different activities and tourist attractions. Additionally, an even better factor about the Middle East is the easy travelling from one city to another. Each city has its own activities and places worth a visit. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two major cities of the country that tourists visit a lot. Any travel agency in Abu Dhabi can guide you fully how to travel among the two cities without any inconvenience.

Distance between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

There is no accurate distance between the two cities however, 160kms is the distance measured on the outskirts. There is no specific city center which can be considered as the actual spot to measure. However, the distance could be traveled in an hour by car or in around 3 hours if you are using public transport.

Dubai: A multicultural tourist spot

Dubai is a great city which has been the attraction of people from all over the world belonging to different cultures and traditions. People from Australia, USA, and Europe travel to Dubai for multiple different reasons that include business and tourism both. Due to the drastic increase in tourism, the UAE government has put in a great effort to develop the country and make it a paradise on earth for businessmen, entrepreneurs, shopaholics, and travelers.

Additionally, there are multiple different places which are rich in architecture and culture such as the Burj Al Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, and The Global Village etc. All the major brands of USA and Europe have opened their outlets in Dubai which makes it convenient for the people to shop for everything they want at a single stop without having to travel to multiple different regions.

Abu Dhabi: Tourist attraction with rich UAE culture and traditions

Abu Dhabi is another important city in terms of tourism in the UAE. Moreover, it is the capital of the country and holds great value historically, socially, and politically, it is the home to the president of UAE and there are great many entertainment spots to keep the tourists engaged and entertained.

The grand Sheikh Zayed mosque is an architectural wonder which is the largest mosque of UAE and can accommodate around 40000 worshipers at a time. People from all the religions can enter the mosque and enjoy the beauty however, the only rule is to dress modestly and cover yourself properly.  

Other entertainment spots include Yas Water world, the wild life park, emirates palace, and Ferrari world etc. These places are excellent to visit and enjoy thoroughly and people who are travelling to the Middle East must definitely visit these places to improve their experience and make the vacation worth remembering. Other than the tourist spots, you can also enjoy cuisines of all the world in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which is definitely a plus point for the cities.

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