Reason to Explore Kingston, Ontario

Reason to Explore Kingston, Ontario

Small alleyways, people with a wide smile on the face, coffee shop filled with creativity and lakes with an amazing view.

Are you dreaming? No, you’re in Kingston, Ontario.

Diversity, hospitality, and vibrancy are blended together when you name Kingston. There are several reasons to fall in love with this place. You can never take a chance to miss luxury either it is in the traditions or you’re just riding Kingston limo. It is everywhere and on every path that you pass through. Colors, festivity, celebration, liveliness, and inspiration is on every corner of the city.

I know, this is not enough reason to plan your trip to Kingston. There are many other motives behind this vacation planning. No one will tell you to stop being filmy on the streets of Kingston but it is your official right. These streets give a proper Hollywood backdrop while you’re walking down the street. Clubs, water-parks, theaters, cafes and the list is never-ending.

History of Kingston

The city was once used as a French trading post. The city was established in 1673. It is a city with the building of limestone and that is the reason for its nickname as “Limestone City”.  The city is also manufacturers of many industries like ceramics, ships, mining equipment, and aluminum products.

Places To Explore in Kingston

We all know that Canada is the city of vibrant and happy people. They are always inviting you with open doors and arms.  So, let this dynamic city of Canada welcome you with a mesmerizing smile that you will fall in love to never fall out of it. Let us take you through the places that you should keep at the top of your list. Never miss any one of them as they are the pure reason for visiting Kingston.

1- Fort Henry

It is one of the national historic sites. The fort was built to protect Kingston Royal Naval Dockyard and is protecting city since ever. It is a remarkable landmark in Ontario that is also added in the list of UNESCO heritage. So, this must visit the place.

2- Bellevue House

A resting place of Canadian’s first prime minister is another marvel of the city. Sir John Alexander Macdonald’s house is a royal legacy of Canada. Anyone with the interest in history would love to visit this place for the sake of architecture and story of war and peace. Mainly, researchers appreciate such building and love to explore history.

3- Kingston Mills

A picnic to downtown is a wonderful way to explore the nature of the city. It is not only relaxing but thrilling for families. It is a perfect place to spend a bright day in Kingston around nature. People with adventurous spirits can climb up the rock on the southwest end of the rocks. It is a refreshing idea for vigorous people visiting this beautiful city.

4- Isabel Bader Center for the Performing Arts

If you’re interested in exploring more culture, arts, and talent. This is the 7400 square meter concert hall, studio, and gallery, film screening and performing talent on every stage. You will find creative arts among jazz musicians. The place that displays Canada’s love for art and displays all the dynamics of the artistic community.

5- Kingston Penitentiary

Ever had a chance of visiting a prison? Not for a felony but a general visit. Well, this prison in Kingston is offering a visit. 2013 was the last year of this prison for some dangerous criminals of Canada. Now, the doors are open for the public. It is for the students and curious individuals to learn about the ambiance of prison and what life is behind it.  Go prepared and guide will get along for a brief tour.

6- Crysler Park Marina

When nothing goes right, go left?

No, we will say that head to the St. Lawrence. This Marina is not only stunning but paddling in the river can make you forget all the miseries. Relax on the beach or try swimming but don’t forget to try the restaurant in the area.

Fall in love with the happiness in the air and remember that July is the month for foodies. Moreover, this city is the way to celebrate everything art, culture, life, and music. Therefore, you should never take a chance to miss it. Plan your weekend by booking an amazing Kingston limo and let the party begin.  


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