Plasma donation during pregnancy

Plasma donation during pregnancy

Plasma is the important element of blood. It looks like a yellowish liquid component. It holds the whole blood cells in suspension. Mainly it carries the liquid part of the blood, it carries the cells and the proteins of the whole body. It makes up of the body’s 55% of total blood volume. It is the part of the extracellular fluid. It is mostly contained with water almost the 95% and other 6-8% contained dissolved proteins like albumins, globulins, fibrinogen etc. It also contains glucose, clotting factors, electrolytes, hormones, carbon dioxide and oxygen etc. It plays a vital role in intravascular osmotic effect. It keeps balanced  electrolyte concentration and protect the body from infections and other many disorders.

About pregnancy

This pregnant woman forum takes care of pregnant woman . In a server in the year of 2012 there are 213 million pregnancies occurred of which 190 million in developing world  like Asia and 23 million in developed world.  India is a developing world so it needed for woman to take care of them. The age of woman who are pregnant is 15 to 44 is 133 per 1000. About 10% to 15% pregnancies end as a miscarriage. In 2016 complications in pregnancy resulted in 230600 deaths down from 377000 death in 1990. There are many pregnancy forum in India. Nowadays all women didn’t know about the pregnancy much well and a country like India where 80 percent and above people’s are illiterate they don’t know how the whole pregnancy process is so this forums helps people to know about the pregnancy and helps in many way.

Plasma donation during pregnancy

If one woman is pregnant then while pregnancy she cannot donate plasma. Plasma is a very important element of the blood. These is the very important element of the body. It is like one snatched the food from the new born baby. All the nutrition and the important nutrients of the body are there is plasma. Also plasma consists many of important element like protein. Plasma plays a huge role to heal the body after pregnancy. If there is no plasma in the body then the body gave poor quality breast milk and dry up the breast completely. One can also search in Google by typing can you donate plasma when pregnant.


It effects the body very much not positively but in very much negatively. For a pregnant woman it is very much harmful for the body and for the baby which is born in near future. In a healing process plasma plays a very much vital role. This effects the whole body and mainly in the breast in the time of breast feeding.

ConclusionPlasma donation during pregnancy is very much effect the body negatively. This plasma will protect the body from internal damages. It is the very important part of the blood of the whole body. It protects the body from many diseases. Through pregnancy one should not donate plasma in any way.


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