How to Choose Your Bed Base?

By March 6, 2019

A good mattress is worthless without a suitable mattress. This last represents indeed a third of the comfort. It must ensure a consistent support of the body, especially at the pelvis and shoulders, and offer more flexibility on the neck and lumbar. The bed frame also acts as a damper that allows the mattress not to sag too quickly, and must provide good ventilation, essential for long time in optimal hygiene conditions. The choice of the bed base is therefore essential.

Spring bed base

Made up of springs this type of bed base offers a supple support but does not allow to modulate it. Those who appreciate a firmer bed will therefore prefer a slatted frame. A box spring guarantees nevertheless a very great comfort (the more springs, the more it is comfortable), but has a limited life: the springs have a tendency to sag after a decade. Attention also to the choice of the mattress, a box spring has to be associated only with a mattress with springs.


Today it is the most common on the bedding market. It provides excellent support for the mattress, and also guarantees optimal ventilation thanks to excellent air circulation. It is therefore recommended to people with allergies. There are several types of slats.

Without suspensions

We are talking here of slats with fixed slats. It is a frame on which wooden slats, more or less wide, are fixed, more or less spaced. This type of bed base provides firm support, but offers no elasticity. It can be associated with a foam mattress, but it is better to reserve it for a specific use.

With suspensions

The bed base here consists of articulated slats that allow adapting the support according to body movements on the mattress. This type of bed base also exists with a firmness slider that modulates the support, especially at the pelvis and shoulders, for a custom sleeping. It is suitable for all types of mattresses, springs, foam, and latex.

Bed bases with studs

It is the most flexible bed base. Appreciated for its lift qualities and the comfort it provides, it is particularly recommended for people suffering from back pain. It is composed of small multidirectional mobile pads that follow each movement of the body, the position is ideal at every moment. A studded box spring can be associated with a latex or foam mattress, with or without shape memory.

Floor sommier

We hardly find any more. Consisting of a wooden board, the bed frame brings an extra-firm bed, which is why it is strongly recommended for people with back problems, as well as people with allergies. Condensation due to perspiration, molds, mites … Very poorly ventilated, the mattress is quickly transformed here into a nest of bacteria. As a result, the bed bases were gradually replaced by slatted bed bases, which were more hygienic and more comfortable.

Mattress or slatted bed base

A box spring is made of a frame surrounded by fabric that serves as protection. It can be mounted on legs or recessed in a bedstead. Air circulation is limited, so we tend to favor a slatted bed base, because it provides better ventilation of the mattress. A box spring is also often higher (up to 30 cm, to which must be added the height of the feet), a parameter to take into account when choosing your bedding: be careful if you opt for a thick mattress, because a bed too high can cause tension at the lumbar level s whether to “climb” to go to bed

Opt for the right dimensions. It all depends on the size of the person and the number of people in the bed. And not the size of the room!

If you sleep alone and your morphology is normal, a bed of 90 x 200 cm is enough. Most beds are 190 cm long, but it is more comfortable for an adult to sleep in a 2m bed.

If you sleep at two, the rule is that we add 20 cm to the size of the largest occupant. Prefer two independent beds if there is a big difference of weight in your couple: two individual mattresses on a same bed base, or two sommiers and two mattresses contiguous (connected if necessary by a zipper or Velcro). In addition, the option of the two mattresses allows you to have bedding with one side firmer than the other. If one person tends to move more than the other, it is advisable to choose a mattress pocket springs that allows a good individuality of comfort because it has different areas more or less firm and independent. If there is a significant difference in weight between sleepers, the latex mattress is ideal. For a woman who has problems with blood circulation, it is better to move towards bedding that elevates the legs. The mattresses springs are well ventilated and are therefore suitable for people who sweat a lot. For someone with a sensitive back, a latex mattress combined with a slatted frame provides the firmness needed to maintain the spine.

Decoration tips: dress your box spring!

Do you know the bed skirt? This smart accessory brings a finishing touch to the decoration of your room. It conceals slats and springs, and is usually bestowed with the mattress or bed frame. It also prevents dust and sheep from piling up under the bed. Many brands offer: cotton for a Zen room , linen for a natural atmosphere, ruffled for the romantic side, or striped or hounds tooth pattern, you find the bedspread that s will best fit your room.