Funny Printed T Shirts for Expected Moms Online India

By March 25, 2019

Are you looking out for something that you can gift to your friend on an event? Joining a baby shower? Well, you can shop for the funny printed t-shirts available online. Surely, the expected moms will definitely appreciate baby shower t-shirts or a maternity t-shirts as a unique gift.

Funny Printed T Shirts Online India for Expectant Moms

Maternity printed t-shirts are wonderful gifts for expectant moms who are not too eager on wearing dresses made on maternity. Personalized printed t-shirts for moms-to-be are easy to wear and will not turn a pregnant woman feel tightened.

The custom printed shirts for women are a fun way of anticipating the newest adding to the family. Funny signs and even the text printed on these maternity t-shirts can call up a smile to anybody.

  • There is a Buddha Belly Maternity t-shirt which has the quote For Good Luck Rub My Belly stated on the lower part of the shirt.
  • One funnier printed shirt for pregnant lady is Don’t Touch the Belly! Maternity T-Shirt, which has the quotes of warning ‘Touch My Belly & Lose A Hand’ on it. One more account of the latter is the ‘Hands off the Baby Bump’ motherliness t-shirt.

Custom printed t-shirts for the announcements For Moms-To-Be

A number of the maternity t-shirts don’t have the same wry humor similar to the funny ones. There are personalized printed t-shirts with a label and announcement on the area where the belly is situated.

If you familiar about the due date of the baby, you can decide a maternity t-shirt announcing which month the baby will be due. A number of online stores offer t-shirt who covers the whole 9 months.

One better example of an announcement of the pregnancy is the ‘Coming Soon to a Hospital near You’ maternity t-shirt. However, one more thing is that ‘Baby Inside’ spoof of the Intel logo on the lower right region of the t-shirt.

One more set of the printed t-shirts for announcing pregnancy are not as big as the ones reserved for the afterward months. Women who are expecting for just 3 months are also excited to wear motherhood t-shirts. Printed Ladies’ t-shirts with the words ‘Preggo’ or a picture of a positive pregnancy test effect is a fun way to greeting the good news.

Delightful Cartoons on Custom Printed T-Shirts for Expectant Women

There are also motherhood t-shirts that just feature cute cartoons of babies in diverse poses. The typical ‘Bun in the Oven’ maternity t-shirt is an ideal example. The characteristic is as an oven that is currently baking a bun or even the smoking hot.

Yet another series of cute cartoons on the funny printed t-shirts for pregnant ladies has baby cartoons trapped in various conditions and poses.  There is the ‘Womb Potato Cartoon Baby’ who is imaged laying back against the womb’s wall with his hands at the back his head and watching a music video on an iPod. He is an actual couch potato even in the womb.

Yet another cute cartoon is the ‘What’s Out There’ maternity t-shirt, which images a baby peeking through the cervix directly from the womb. One cuter cartoon babies on motherhood t-shirts are found at popular online shops for personalized printed t-shirts.

There are lots of online websites offering the best collection of t-shirts for the ladies. Grab the best opportunity to enjoy the maternity time. All you need to confirm the size and place the order accordingly. It will help you in selecting the best gift for your friend. Shop now!