Discover the Deepest of Mediterranean Blues on Malta Holidays

By November 14, 2018
malta holidays

Malta Holidays are widely known for recreational activities, warm climate, great beaches and architectural treasures. Geographically, this archipelago has been a military base, for numerous powerful civilizations, the most recent being the British who used it during World War II. There are plenty of interesting things that you should discover in Malta. If you want to discover the deepest of the Mediterranean Blues, Malta islands would be your impeccable choice. The archipelago contains three islands which comprise Malta, Gozo and Comino. Right from historical treasures to great beaches, this informative post helps you with some valuable insights that you should include while planning a Cheap Holidays to Malta.

Best Attractions and Experiences on Holidays to Malta

Multivision Show – Discover 7000 Years of Island History

First of all, include an audio visual show held in Valletta’s Mediterranean Conference Centre. At the very planning stage of Cheap Holidays to Malta, allocated sometime to this island, this show enriches your holiday experience. The audio visual show introduces you different civilizations that lived here. Moreover, you will come across Maltese traditions and great culture on a holiday. The show gives a glimpse of glorious past and present, associated with the island.

Exploring Valletta and Grand Harbor

Valletta is the smallest city in the Europe with an area of just 0.8 square kilometers. But, it boasts highest density of historical attractions and UNESCO world heritage sites. It developed unique history and character for over the period of time. When Knights of St.John took over the control from Turks, they built this beautiful city. This fortified city has two ports, the grand harbor and Marsamxett. You will find the impact of Baroque style of architecture when you wander through the streets of Valletta. Some of the interesting sights worth exploring comprise Caravaggio paintings, St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Upper Barrakka Gardens and Several museums. Exploring the entire cities attractions must be your top priority on Holidays to Malta.

Gozo and Comino

Gozo and Comino are two prominent islands of Maltese archipelago. They boast great beaches and wonderful natural scenery. Most of them are quite popular for snorkeling, swimming and diving experience. Dramatic fortifications, world heritage sites, Baroque architecture are some of the best attractions worth discovering on Malta Holidays. Apart from best attractions, the island hosts wide range of festivals and cultural events.

Mdina – The Incredible city

Located high above 200 meters on the hill, Mdina is the incredible city on Malta Island. Wander through the narrow streets of Malta and discover the architecture of medieval times mostly Baroque style. On your All Inclusive Holidays to Malta, enjoy the serene atmosphere of the city. There are plenty of noteworthy attractions to uncover on a holiday.

Malta Beaches

The beaches of Malta are surrounded with rocks and soft sands. They create ideal conditions for swimming and bathing all through the year. The best climate is the biggest draw. The top beaches of Maltese islands are Armier Bay, Paradise Bay and Golden sands. There are numerous beaches to discover on a holiday, some are family friendly, few encourage adventure sports like diving and snorkeling.

Maltese Cuisine

The impact of several civilizations that ruled Malta for centuries is immense on Malta Islands. It boasts the rich Mediterranean flavors; fish pie is quite popular along the coast. The top favorites that comprise Bragioli, Kapunata, goats’ cheese and several varieties are top favorites worth trying in the local restaurant. You will be spoilt with choice on your Malta Holidays.