4 Useful Tips on Planning a Trip to Gwadar

4 Useful Tips on Planning a Trip to Gwadar

Travel by Car or Flight:

If you are anywhere in Pakistan and would love to make the most of your trip, then we suggest you travel by car. It’s because of the fact that traveling by car will definitely require you to make pit stops along your way which will help you explore more places and know other cultures on a grassroots level.

Now if you live in Karachi then hop on a bike or in your car and went along the Makran Coastal Highway that connects Gwadar to Karachi, distance is roughly 650km and passes Pasni and Ormara. It is most likely 8-10 hours journey. Do make sure that you carry along your NIC and camera while traveling which you can carry in any of the outdoor backpacks easily.

But, if you just wanna make a quick vacay stop in Gwadar then you are welcome to travel by Plane and the flight would be of 2 hours at max. For ticket charges, google or browse PIA website.

Things That You Can do to Make Most of Your Trip:

Gwadar Beach:

Gwadar Beach is what attracts tourists to visit this place. It provides you with the most beautiful view of a warm water deep sea port on the Arabian Sea in the province of Baluchistan. It connects Pakistan to all major trading spots, providing it with a major strategic importance.

Providing one of the most beautiful views of the Arabian Sea with clear water, it is now attracting tourists from all over the world as well as potential business deals that are leading to the development of the port such as CPEC.


Projecting the front of hammerhead shark, this massive rock was created as a result of mud volcano eruption that covered this region. Even majority of the rocks in this region are a result of volcanoes eruption. Hammerhead casts a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea on its southern side and the city of Gwadar on the other side. If you are one of them sea-lovers then this breathtaking site is a perfect destination for you.

Akara National Park:

Akara National Park is a treat scenic place that holds a lush green view and provides you with an escape from stressful city life. It is situated at the North of Gwadar city, serves you with walking routes and a fresh cold breeze to unclog your mind.

Sur Mud Volcanoes:

The Sur Mud Volcanoes can be seen along the Makran coast. These Volcanoes expels Lava, unlike others.

Hotels for Stay:

One of the most common rumors encircling Gwadar that prevents tourists to visit this heart-fluttering place is that the scene of accommodation. People worry about their stay when they plan a trip to Gwadar or any other place in Balochistan. But you ought not to worry about it, as there are a handful of hotels opened in Gwadar. Three most credible ones are mentioned below.

Zaver Pearl Continental Hotel, Gwadar:

It provides you with great hospitality. A bit on the pricey side but its service is top-notch, comes with the package including food, activities, and wifi( your biggest worry) so we think it is worth your money. Its location is ideal and gives a breathtaking view. You can book your stay online from their website.

Sadaf Resort:

Known for its food, Sadaf Resort is basically a motel with affordable rates and clean, livable rooms. The best part is its view and the calm it provides. Overall a favorite place of tourists.

Askani Hotel:

It is not very known but provides tourists with a good stay. Service includes food and a comfortable stay. Again, cheaper than the other two but the quality of service varies in this criteria.


If you are in the mood to cook yourself, you are most welcome but if you are not then why not try venturing the city and eat different delicacies. Staying in some hotel will help you greatly though.


There is nothing more left to say about the reasons to travel to Gwadar because everything has already been mentioned. Although, you need to take care of one thing which is getting your hands on a quality bag that you can buy from Bembel. Have a great trip ahead!


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