4 Tips Going Outdoors can Quicken your recovery

By March 7, 2019 ,

Experts have said that staying outdoors can heal the mind and strengthen the physical healing.

Accordingly, to research, spending time outdoors can increase mental alertness and quicken your recovery process. I experienced this in October 2018, when I fell ill due to complications from Stomach Ulcers. To recover quickly, I took short walks, sat out with family, and each time I returned feeling rejuvenated.

Staying outdoors exposes you to natural light that helps to relieve stress. An old study showed that patients who were exposed to nature and sunlight outside a hospital window recovered quicker than those who had the view of a brick wall instead.

Staying outdoors will boost your Vitamin D Levels

About 80% of Vitamin D is gotten directly from the sun, and staying outdoors can boost our Vitamin D Levels. Inadequate consumption of vitamin D can be harmful to the bones and will heighten the risks of Osteoporosis, depression and heart disease.

Taking short walks or taking part in simple outdoor fitness routines can expose you to just enough sunlight required for you to recover. Experts also recommend nature walks or sitting out in parks.

It will make you happy

Generally speaking, sitting outdoors can improve your mood and make you more comfortable. It brings with it, a supernatural ability to detoxify the mind and helps you to be in the moment. You forget your problems and enjoy the sunlight. You could take a drive with friends, check out Bollywood songs lyrics from lyricsmaze.com or see a trending movie; all these will have you feeling refresh at the end of the day. Clinical psychologists also prescribe sunlight as a treatment for depressive disorders.

It will help you exercise

By going outdoors, you tend to exercise much more. It helps burn calories and frees up stiffened joints and muscle areas. Sickness makes our joints stiff and quite often; all the body needs is exercise. When you keep your body in tempo, you reduce your risk of heart attack, have lower blood cholesterol levels & also boost your mental agility.

It will help you fight depression and Anxieties

Clinical psychologists often use natural sunlight as a treatment for depressive disorders. People with low levels of serotonin are often treated with natural daylight, through phototherapy, and it works like magic. According to Psychology today, Science proves that sunlight can reset a person’s circadian rhythm and improve your ability to Sleep.

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