10 Amazing Backsplash Ideas to Renovate your Interior in Low Budget

By July 5, 2019
10 Amazing Backsplash Ideas to Renovate your Interior in Low Budget

Adding backsplash glassis a superb way to renovate your interior space without breaking the bank. The right backsplash can a dose of elegance, functionality, and style to your room without going overboard.

Traditionally, backsplashes are installed primarily in areas that are prone to stains and moisture, like behind the kitchen sinks. This makes cleaning quick and effortless, as well as prevents water damage.

More importantly, an eye-catching backsplash can help refresh the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom if installed properly and creatively. Other benefits of backsplashes include:

  • They help keep annoying pests away from your kitchen
  • They add more interest and a touch of character to otherwise boring walls
  • Backsplashes safeguard the walls beneath

Tile backsplashes take the cake when it comes to popularity, but you also have an array of other choices. You can go for the sturdiness of metal, timeless appeal of stone or modern look of glass backsplash. With stylish and unique materials like custom cut glass and mirror, your options are truly unlimited.

Looking for backsplash inspiration? We’ve rounded up 10 marvelous yet low-budget backsplash ideas to spur your next interior renovation.

1 . Stainless Steel Backsplashes to Add Some Shimmer

If there’s a dash of white hue in the background of your kitchen and bathroom, stainless steel tiles will do the trick for your backsplash. This will come out especially elegant if you have a modern countertop, light-colored cabinetry and other kitchen elements in white.

Pick miniature stainless steel tiles to marry well with your kitchen’s light appeal. Metal tiles will certainly add some luminescence and include an industrial edge to an otherwise plain backdrop.

The beauty of stainless steel backsplashes is that they look stunning in contemporary surroundings. They are also easy to maintain and clean. The icing on the cake is their eco-friendly appeal.

2. Create an Illusion with Miniature Hexagonal Tile Backsplash

Mini tiles have become the staple of modern kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. They get instant attention and create an element of visual illusion or depth. If your kitchen has rustic cabinetry, farmhouse sinks or other vintage elements, you might want to try installing miniature hexagonal tiles.

This design combines the beauty of wood backdrop and intricately detailed look of tiny tiles. It’s old and new in the same backsplash design, making it ideal for just about any style of home and interior decor.

3. Elongated Subway Backsplash

When choosing the right tile for your backsplash, most homeowners and interior renovators should take a number of factors into consideration. These include the shape, finish, size and style of the tile.

Like backsplash glass, elongated subway tile checks most of the boxes for what you might be looking for in a stylish and functional backsplash. First introduced by Eskuche Design, the Elongated Subway design brings together a subtle balance of gray and brown. The result is quite a sightful; something comforting, easy on the eyes and very clean.

The good thing is that elongated subway tiles are a great fit for most modern kitchens and spaces. They will also add some sense of style and all-new dimension to your interior.

4. Hand Crafted Stone Backsplash

There’s something of beauty about stone backsplashes. A well-crafted stone tile looks rustic and yet it can easily match any modern home design. Using handcrafted or traditional stone tile will create a backsplash that’s warm with natural or “naked” appearance.

5. Create More Depth with Curved Tile & Glass Backsplash

Do you want to add visual illusion to your kitchen or bathroom backsplash? You can never go wrong with backsplash glass. To take it to the next level, use custom cut glass and mirror adjacent to your cabinetry. Some designers use curved backsplash glass with backlighting. With a granite countertop that’s beautiful and reflective, the glass backsplash will appear shiny, deep and quite sleek to boot.

6. Mix Playful Tile Shapes and Colors

A play on colors and shapes of tiles will make your backsplash stand out. Whether your cabinets are dark or light colored, oval or circular tiles will inspire the room to life. The backsplash, however, should be the focal point of the entire interior decor.

That being said, the designer will have more leeway in adding several colors and shapes of tiles. This will bring a new twist to every part of the kitchen or bathroom. If you truly want to go the untraditional way, you can include backsplash glass or ceramic pieces to contrast and compliment your kitchen decor.

7. Pick Grout Color that Contrasts with the Main Tile

Contrasting grout color will do immaculately well with grandeur tile types like the subway. The simple, clean look of the subway tile allows you to use just about any grout color. For white tile, you can go with blue, green or even grey grout. It’ll frame the tiles in a way that they pop out and make the whole room come to life.

8. Use Glossy Black Tiles to Add Ambiance and Sense of Space

If your room is on the small side, you want a backsplash that’ll brighten up space and add a sense of more space. What could be better for this application than glossy tiles? This is especially true if you have a marble slab countertop and dull cabinetry like navy. While black is the bread and butter of glossy backsplashes, white tiles can also fit the bill.

9. Create Wallpaper like Backsplash

If you gravitate towards wallpaper design, then why not create a backsplash to match? Use ceramic tiles in the color, design, and style of your choice. By installing them in a repeating pattern, you will create something that will certainly appear outstanding and chic. From afar, it’ll look and feel like wallpaper.

10. Soften the Look of an Industrial Kitchen with Subway Tile Backsplash

Even though industrial kitchens and bathrooms offer a modern look, they can become boring with time, especially those awkward metal edges. You can soften the edges of your kitchen by adding a subway tile backsplash to contrast your stainless-steel appliances and perhaps dark wood cabinetry.