Discrimination among attorneys: Ways to handle such cases

By November 20, 2018
Employment Rights

What do you mean by discrimination?

The difference in treatment for two people who are allocated the same position and is giving the same performance is known as discrimination. The laws of the government state that no employees can be discriminated on any other ground except their performances. All the employees should enjoy equal rights and benefits.

When does it happen?

As defined above when an employee is less favored by the management on the grounds of things like age, sex, color, caste, creed, sexual orientation etc other than their performance is when discrimination happens. Discrimination can happen anytime, at the time of hiring or when someone is actively working in the organization. For example not hiring someone only because of his religion even though he is eligible for it or not granting promotions on grounds other than performance. Every organization should make it sure that all of their employees are treated equally and fairly as well.

Examples of some common workplace discrimination

Employers should treat everyone equally, but many a time it happens that an employee gets more preference than the others from their employers but not on the basis of their performances. Here are some of the most classic examples of workplace discrimination that many people can relate too.

  • Due to any protected classification, a person is hired, promoted or fired. This should never be the case. Everyone should be treated equally. People should only be judged on the basis of their performance and nothing else.
  • Giving job advertisements and recruiting people keeping in mind any kind of protected classifications.
  • Providing lesser or greater compensation or incentive keeping in mind the protected classifications of people.
  • Decreasing medical benefits or leaves of a person because of a protected classification.
  • Terminating an active employee who does not have any performance lack but only due to protected classifications.

Now that we have an idea about what type of discrimination generally occurs in a workplace, we should also be clear of the fact that, what does protect classification actually means. Protected classification means classifying people on the basis of

  • Color or Race.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Religion.
  • Pregnancy.
  • National origin.
  • Disability.
  • Gender.
  • Age.

People should only be judged by their performance at the workplace and nothing else. It is the basic right of an employee to be treated fairly and equally by all, wherein no discriminations would be made against him to her by anyone at the organization he or she is working in.

Did it happen to you?

If you are working in an organization or one of your dear one is, do you think workplace discrimination is happening with you at the workplace? If you think you are not treated equally then it is the time you should contact a discrimination attorney. He is the one person who would know about all the latest discrimination laws related to the workplace and would also provide you with advice that is legally viable and would be the best solution for you. With discrimination attorneys, you can settle all the discrimination disputes that you have with your organization and can live a more secure life.

How to prove discrimination?

Now, this is a tricky one. Discrimination is not something that you can show everyone. It is something that only you can feel and prove it before someone becomes tougher. The most feasible way to prove discrimination in by collecting a number of people who have or are facing similar kind of discrimination because of any type of protected classification associated with them.