Shopping Online vs Physically

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Shopping Online vs Physically

Shopping is the basic need and hobby of almost every individual among us. There are numerous ways of shopping e.g. Physical shopping where we visit shops and stores, Door to door shopping where the seller himself come to one’s home to sell the products. But with the gradual revolution in technology and IT. We have been provided with the most advanced form of shopping known as online shopping and have been flourishing continuously. As the sale principally depends upon the number of visitors to the stores. So the stores must be in reach of everyone to have maximum customers. Let’s discuss the comparison of online and physical stores.

Physical Stores:

Physical stores bring localized at one place in a particular area provide less space and opportunity for the visitors. The customers of the surroundings of that localized area come to stores for shopping. On the other hand, they are time bound and only remain opened for specific hours within a day. Because of which the customers had to manage their time according to the stores while making it difficult for a number of customers to shop. Most customers don’t like walking shop to shop to get needy things. 

Online Stores:

Best online shopping stores provide much better opportunities to customers as compare to physical stores. They provide a broader area of interaction between stores and customers to purchase and searching for goods instead of a localized area. They allow access to the stores from far apart places. Along with that, it is not time limited and available for its customers 24 hours. They solved the problem to buy commodities only at specific odd times.

It also provides fast and efficient communication means to the customers regarding new products. Customers can avail of sales easily on occasions e.g. Eid, good Friday, independent day, Christmas day, etc. 

It solves the time management problem of customers for pursuing. It helps the people to search out desired things at any Free time while being in the office or at home or even while traveling. One can easily find the best shopping stores, place an order and could pay online through credit or debit cards. Customers are also facilitated to pay through different easy paisa apps or cash on delivery. So it saves the time to visit stores physically. It reduces the cost of fuel providing an easy approach to needed things.

Some Other Benefits of Online Shopping:

It provides a lot of variety and quality in products at a low cost allowing the customers to gain access to products economically suitable for them. So it is much comprehensive easy than to visit physically to different stores to choose products while visiting many stores. Good and quality products enhance the trust of customers, hence the good experience of customers is shared with the people which cause an automatic advertisement hence it develops a healthy relationship with customers ultimately attract and invite new customers.

It facilitates the general public by providing a number of different household necessities only on one click in a single store.


Hence it is time-saving, fuel saving, reliable, easy, efficient and most modern way of shopping that allows everyone to buy at his doorstep by saving their time at a low cost with reliable products.

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