Riot Games Introduces Newly Redesigned Logo

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Riot Games Introduces Newly Redesigned Logo

The “Riot” company has introduce its new logo officially after so many years. For the people, who do not love videos games or know much about it then this is definitely not a big news for them, but the people who love video games know how much big company is “Riot”. Riot games owned the legendary escort game of “League of Legends” which is considered as one the biggest escort game on planet.

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Riot Games New Logo

For a company like this which has so much of cash flow going around, you expect a logo that is pretty good. Ironically, the company was running on the same logo since 2006, originally designed by its own director. The logo was designed in a graffiti tag style with the word RIOT in it. After so many years, the company announced in an official post on Weibo account that it is unveiling its new logo.

This new logo is not designed by any renowned logo design company, but it is designed in-house with the vision of founders and CEO, while keeping the spirit alive of the previous logo and giving it furnish as per needed. The main idea behind this logo change is that the Riot website design was not suitable for small devices and mobile phones.

The company described the vision of its new logo as uniquely recognizable and something with a punch. The company also told, that when the company started the technology was still a very new field and was growing, so the designer never thought about the other platforms which can be used.

In the new logo the punch symbol is separated from the text because to make it more visible to the audience. The symbol is kept in the same manner, because it is remembered by the people in their unconscious memory and when the name of “Riot” comes, automatically the symbol of fist appears in mind unconsciously. The fist is treated as the identity of the company and it was felt that it losing its presence on small screens. So, in the new logo it was re positioned separately making it suitable for small devices. Also, the fist was swapped from left to right, to mirror it towards “R”.

The old logo typography was same as their famous sports league “League of Legends” logo to make it look more similar like other sports league. There is absolutely nothing wrong in it, but there is nothing good as well because sometimes it would be difficult for the audience to read it. In the old logo the typography was divided into five patterns referencing to the five energies use in the game. These five energies were rush, strike, blaze, surge and blast. TAS per the company these graphic illustrations could be used as bold backgrounds or clash and contrast. These illustrations were inspired by the clash of teams, different cultures and fans that happens in “League of Legends”. The new typography is nor more like the previous one but the company had focused on keeping it simpler and with high readability.

Although some people liked the new logo and some people don’t, but you cannot eventually please everyone. Some people thought that the Riot’s new logo is an excellent effort by the company by giving it an over whelming response. The video on YouTube has around 340,000 views with a ratio of 5500 likes and 299 dislikes. Whereas, some people do not like the change, user Rechidna wrote, “Who the heck is responsible for this lol, the logo, the teams, the name, everything is disappointing,” Another user named Commander Dogars commented that “This is cool and all but holy christ change the logo,”.

The company itself said in the blog that it will be hard for them to say good bye to the new logo since it has been used and with them for such a long period of time, but this new logo will be now rolling out to more and more places. They also said that they hope their customers be fond of their new logo as much as they are with it. Also, we need to embrace the initiative that bran took to make their logo unique and attractive about e-sports.


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