How to Backup Emails to Hard Drive or Computer?

146 (Hotmail) is one of the most widely used webmail services in the past times. Due to its attractiveness, Microsoft decided to continue its services after going through a rehabilitation period. Although the old Hotmail has been shifted to the new Enough about, our main focus here is securing a backup of emails in local computer. Why? Because considering present email usage, one cannot afford to lose even a single email message let alone the entire mailbox items.

Well, this blog is all about letting users understand how to backup emails to hard drive. Let us move on to the following scenario, which has been taken from a forum site:

“I want to take backup of all emails onto my hard drive from account. But, I do not have export option for the same. If anyone knows the perfect solution to backup Hotmail emails then, please suggest me. It would be greatly appreciated !”

Manual Steps to Save Email Messages on local machine

This simple approach helps to create the backup of, is by configuring account with Windows Live Mail. You can freely download Windows Live Mail (WLM). As you install Windows Live Mail in order to save Hotmail/ data, there is no need to install all of Windows essentials. You have to select Mail and then, follow these steps to backup emails with the help of Windows Live Mail.

  1. Firstly, download and install the Windows Live Mail
  2. Configure account with WLM by providing all credentials.
  3. I

  4. Then, click on Send/Receive button in order to backup all emails in Windows Live Mail
  5. II

  6. Each message can be stored at the default location of Windows Live Mail (WLM). All emails can be saved in EML file format.
  7. Now, you can find the location of EML file by browsing to File>> Options>> Mails>> Advanced Tab>> Maintenance Button>> Storage Folder
  8. III

A window screen will be displayed that will exhibit the default location.

How Professionals Go about Backing up Emails to Hard Drive?

Before moving on, one must be wondering why professionals choose some other way, when the previous mechanism works fine. Because firstly, the previous way helps you saving emails in Only EML format. Secondly, you will have to do the same process again and again whenever you want to backup emails. And lastly, you don’t really have a choice or say when saving emails.
But with backup, you will have access to multiple features while backing up emails like:

  • Save emails to the local machine in multiple formats (PST, MBOX, EML, MSG)
  • Provides Pause & Resume feature to manage the live backup process
  • Choose to backup either entire mailbox or only selected emails to your desktop
  • Facility to remove backed up data from account to save space
  • Provides Incremental backup i.e., simply resume incomplete backup process instead of starting the complete procedure again

The interface of Backup:
graphical interface

Steps to Save Emails from to Hard Drive

  1. Launch Backup Software on your local machine
  2. Once installed, now you can start this application. On the welcome screen, the tool offers 6 different languages so that you can choose the exclusive language. Simply enter the credentials of and click Login button to validate the account.
  3. Now, select the file type in which you need to export emails under Select E-mail format heading. You can choose any file type, i.e., EML, MBOX, MSG, or PST.
  4. Next, you have to choose destination location where you want to save all emails from Hotmail. To do this, click on Browse and locate a specific folder.
  5. The tool provides two advanced features while taking the backup of all emails.
    1. Delete After Download: With this feature, one can delete all emails from account automatically whose backup created on a specific location.
    2. Apply Filter: This feature is mostly used to filter out certain emails from bulk of messages.
  6. After choosing the Apply Filter option, the two filters are shown on the software pane:
    1. Select Folder(s): With the help of this option, you can select any mail folder. The software will download only emails of chosen folder. This filter will help to save time and space as well.
    2. E-mail Filter: This feature allows to backup emails from a specified date range ‘From’ and ‘To’.
  7. Now, click on Start button to download all Hotmail emails to hard drive or desktop

Note: If your download status is interrupted because of power outage or any other reason, you can simply resume the process right where you left it in the next attempt.

Time to Conclude

Saving emails to computer enables the user to protect messages against issues like account hacking, loss of data, etc. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed some methods used repeatedly in order to backup emails to hard drive. Users can choose among them as per requirement and convenience.


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