Graphic Design Guidelines to Follow To Make Your Design a Big Hit on Instagram in 2019

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It is a well-known fact that Instagram has achieved phenomenal growth and incredible popularity ever since its inception in 2012. It is a versatile social media platform for sharing stunning pictures and videos. This powerful marketing platform has been so far dedicated and fully-devoted to highlighting visual art in its full glory and diverse forms and types. Graphic designers, website designers, logo artists, T-shirt designers, book illustrators, catalog designers, and poster creators etc. are all present on Instagram to promote their skills and boost their online brand presence. Graphic designers can best use this visual platform provided they know the tricks of the game.

As a freelance graphic designer, you could easily advertise your unique works of art. Moreover, if you are running a graphic design company of your own, you could join Instagram for Business and promote your professional design services. Clearly speaking, Instagram could be regarded as an extension of the visual portfolio of a graphic designer or graphic artist. You could easily leverage the versatility of Instagram as a social media platform to boost your career in graphic designing.

Establish a Niche

As per,  “For starters, businesses need to approach development on Instagram in the same way they would begin website development: with a clear plan of how the design is going to establish the brand identity.” You need to effectively design your profile on Instagram. You need to concentrate on three core areas such as the profile picture, profile description, and the URL. Your profile picture must be customized to best suit your unique brand. You may consider using a consistent logo. Alternatively, you could use a personal picture of yours or someone else that represents your brand. A fascinating profile would be generating curiosity and attracting more people to know about your work. This way you could establish a niche in the industry.

Leveraging Instagram to the Maximum with Unique Graphic Designs

As Instagram’s influence on the actual art market is growing by leaps and bounds, the art fraternity is generating an amazing blend of tastemakers that would be ranging from graphic artists to artists, museum professionals, to collectors. We know that Instagram is completely meaningless without stunning images. Grabbing the attention of your target audience in this highly competitive world where everyone is vying for attention, must be your top priority. Moreover, you cannot grab instant attention of your potential customers and followers unless your Instagram account is coming up with eye-catching and truly engaging content. Get in touch with reputed digital marketing companies like you are looking for an increase in the number of real Instagram views, likes, and followers.

Simplicity Is Certainly the Best Policy

Remember to focus on unique but simple designs as simplicity has a lot more appeal than you could imagine. When posts become too intricate and overloaded with unnecessary information, it would become really difficult for potential clients and followers to garner the information they are looking for from every post. You need to minimize filters and effects. Use lots of white space while incorporating text-heavy posts.

Hashtags are Your Best Friend

Succeeding on any social platform without hashtags is near impossible, and there really is no reason not to use them. Hashtags are a super nifty way to categorize pictures, direct traffic, and increase the visibility of the content you post. Once you figure out how to use them, you will have the entire network at your mercy, just waiting to be bent to your will. You should avoid basic hashtags like #design or #art because they are too generic and might not attract the specific audience you would need to market to. Use #logographics or #logodesign and any specific hashtags. Use up to eight hashtags (five is the sweet spot). Look up reputed sites and look for hashtags that work well in your niche and get the most engagement or traction. This is the easiest way to get comments and likes and build a brand.

Focus on the Relatability Factor

Your customers do not always want serious business; it is alright to mix it with fun occasionally. A dynamic brand can be vibrant and have its own identity or persona online. Go ahead and push designs that have some character or are representative of themes or motifs that you support. It might resonate with like-minded customers or at least give them something to appreciate every once in a while. The more curious they are, the likelier they are to return. Feel free to give your posts a common overarching narrative, and experiment with what you post. People appreciate innovation and creativity and are likely to share content they find relatable.

Know When You Are Overdoing It

Quality is always preferable over quantity, even in social media where you are required to keep up at least a steady daily stream of content. This means 100 great designs are better than 1000 random drafts on your profile. Coherence is seriously underrated; you must have a clear idea of what your content represents and what you want to say. This clarity helps grow an audience and eventually convert visitors to customers.

Trigger an Emotional Response

Today graphic designers are playing with space and dimension to come up with mind-bending and mind-blowing optical illusions and Instagram is the right platform for qualified graphic designers to weave their magic. You must acknowledge the fact that apart from stunning travel photos and selfie, Instagram flaunts some incredibly intriguing graphic design. Right from Copenhagen, Los Angeles, and Berlin, world’s favorite illustrators, graphic designers, artists, and art directors are all on Instagram and are giving us the magic potion of design inspiration.

Professional graphic designers must realize the importance of triggering an emotional response from all your followers for leaving a profound and lasting impression. The colors and font of your pictures or designs would definitely matter. Bright vibrant colors are actually associated with happy and positive emotions but the reverse seems to be the truth with darker shades such as gray or blue.


Instagram is the most effective platform for connecting with all your customers and potential clients for selling your design work. It is an amazing marketing tool for building your overall business presence and it also acts as a robust tool for illustrators and graphic designers for highlighting and showcasing their talent. Keep some of the above-discussed graphic design guidelines in mind to create interesting and out-of-the-world posts that are always sought by followers in Instagram feed every day.


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