Content Marketing Strategies, Basic Techniques for “Perfect” Articles

By November 7, 2018 ,
Content Marketing Strategies

The content marketing is one of the marketing strategies most used today, every business, however small, has a “presence” on the web. The content marketing, writes the journalist and communication consultant Alberto Puliafito, is a strategy that uses content to create relationships with people. The content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and sharing content designed and molded to a specific audience. So you will immediately understand the importance it can have for your business that lands on the web.

Marketing strategies, you also need that for content if you want to get results

If you want to achieve results with content marketing, you need to create a strategy that points straight to the goal. This means that you cannot and should not leave anything to chance. In other words it is good to define the following:

  • The goals of your business
  • The goals that can be achieved through your marketing plan
  • Within the marketing plan, the objectives that can be achieved through content marketing
  • This is also called funnel process. Establishing a “plan” for your content marketing helps you to reach the goal to which (for its nature) the development of content for the web tends to be:
  • The promotion of your brand awareness
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • The registration of the potential customer in your mailing list in exchange for a quote, a free content, a trial version of your product or service

Of course, to create tailor-made content, you need to know your target, so it’s important that you define even before you start with content marketing who your potential readers / clients are, what problems they have and how you can solve them with your product /service. Finally, you need to periodically check the content you have produced or shared on social media, to see if and how they align with your plan and how much they are useful in order to increase traffic, brand awareness and conversions.

Marketing strategies, if you write for the web even the eye wants its part

Making content marketing can seem simple. In fact it is technically simple because you just need a PC connected to the network and a word processor and CMS you can publish your content on the company website. But practically it’s not that simple. In addition to the strategy mentioned in the previous paragraph, to make content marketing you have to take further measures. And they are “visual” devices.

For the series, the eye also wants its part.

The first thing to do, once you have defined the target and topic of the article is to try your hand at writing a streamlined, relevant and effective introduction. Your goal is to make the reader remain attached to the page.

To facilitate reading on the monitor, then (and also to make the article optimized according to the dictates of SEO, Search Engine Optimization), divide the text into paragraphs according to the information you provide and accompany each paragraph by an appropriate title.

This gives readers a way to easily find what they are looking for in your online content.

Visual interruptions are equally important. Use it in your text, the visual breaks are the white spaces in the text: they are used to make the reading more relaxed and to rest the eyes. Not only that: they also serve to facilitate the acquisition of content, since the reading at the terminal is not as linear as the one on paper and the reader’s gaze “jumps” from one point to another in search of the information that interests him.

Content marketing, how to write quickly and correctly for the Web

If you want to take care of the content marketing for your business and you want to engage yourself in the creation of articles for your website, here is another factor to take into consideration: writing speed.

Or perhaps it would be better to say the optimization of the time you dedicate to writing.

To prevent the content writing process from taking away entire days or distracting you from other tasks related to your business, you can consider engaging a Web Content Editor or a Content Strategist. They are freelancers who professionally handle the creation and distribution of ad hoc content for your company. In other words, they will take care of content marketing for you.

If instead you want or you have to do everything yourself, here are some useful tips to speed up the whole process:

  • Write in a natural and “jet” way, trying to put yourself in the shoes of your audience, to imagine their problems / questions and trying to answer them.
  • Do not be distracted by other tasks or interruptions during writing that is still a creative process. Write only what you know really well: better post a great post per week than five mediocre posts. Today, in the economy of attention, publishing excellent content is essential to support competition.
  • Separate the time of correction and revision from that of actual writing and correct your article only at the end.

Without of course leaving out the grammatical part, so your posts or your articles must be grammatically and semantically impeccable.

And beyond the marketing strategies, here are 3 tricks to support (almost) “perfect” content

Perhaps instead of tricks it would be more appropriate to write precautions. But since tricks does not sound so appealing to the reader and can hardly capture his attention … we write tricks (and you can do it too, as long as you write them really, do not invent strange things and keep the promise made to the reader in the title, that is to supply him with the information you proclaim).

Measure the result, always

One of the most common misconceptions about content marketing is that by simply posting on the blog, your business will take off magically and you will be besieged by armies of potential customers wanting whatever you sell. Unfortunately, this is a (very) rare case. Intelligent content sellers not only produce excellent content, but also measure the results of their efforts. Whatever you want to do your content, it is crucial that you evaluate the performance of your content using the analysis (for example with tools such as Google Analytics) and other data-driven approaches, otherwise you may waste time and money in content that do nothing for your business.

Make your voice heard to climb the summit

One of the biggest challenges that content producers have to face is the competition with millions of blogs and posts published every day, making your voice heard can be an almost insurmountable task, unless you take a position that no one else is willing to take. In other words, mimicking or parroting others’ opinions (especially in complex industries such as digital marketing) certainly does not help you stand out. If you are an expert in your field (as you should be) rowing against the current. At least your readers will appreciate your frankness. You will also appear much more authentic than you would simply by repeating what others have said.

Answer complex questions with your content

Do not focus on optimizing your posts or articles just for simple keywords, like “mattresses” even if they are relevant to your business. If your content answers a complex question, such as “latex mattresses how much do they cost?” Appearing in the search results in the foreground, not only can you drive a lot of traffic to your site, but you could also give your brand a remarkable improvement in terms of competence in this area. User confidence in the first search results is high. It means that if Google chooses your content to answer a complex question, your brand wins.