How to save on a car rental

By September 19, 2018
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Many people do not know how car rentals work, and that’s normal when you do not rent them often. Here’s how to save on your next rental.

Often, after taking advantage of one of our bargains of cheap flights, you also need a rental car to move you to your destination. We now offer a search tool for the lowest prices but before using it, read a little bit about our price tips and how to find the cheapest rental vehicle.

This is a republication of our article last June, updated and in more detail … and a new section on new companies. You can also read about how car rental insurance is one of the worst travel scams and a tactic to save by renting somewhere other than the airport.

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No company can be cheaper everywhere

The best-priced car rental company depends on the location, date and time of booking. It’s not static; it’s like the price of airline tickets. It changes constantly; it depends on the supply and the very precise demand of each location.

If your February 7th search for a car in Fort Lauderdale on March 2nd gave Hertz as the cheapest company, IT DOES NOT mean that Hertz is the cheapest all the time and everywhere. It should be obvious, but many seem to think that they are fixed prices, this is not the case.

By changing the rental for March 3, another company may be cheaper. Even by changing the start times of the rental, another company may be cheaper. Looking the next day again for the same search, another company can be made cheaper.

The cheapest airline in a search for a compact car or a larger car may even be different on the same dates. For the same car in the same place, in January Alamo may be cheaper but in March it will be Enterprise.

Why is it so?

The price of renting cars is extremely fluid. It follows basic economic rules: supply and demand. So if there are more cars, the price will go down. If more people than planned have booked with a specific company, their price will go up because they have fewer cars left.

If you want a van but there is just one left at this company for your dates, even if it is the cheapest company usually, it is certain that it will be more expensive than the company where it 8 vans remain.

That said, it’s easy to find the best price

It does not help to ask “which company is the cheapest.” always use a comparator that compares the prices of all companies at the same time to see the cheapest (equal for flights and hotels ), it’s a lot simpler than. Going directly to the site of one or more rental companies because you will see everything in the same place and as detailed below, all (major) companies are the same anyway.

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