Cell Phone Insurance – The Right Way to Protect Your Device

By May 14, 2019

It is typically advised that cell phone insurance can be worth it if you are truly prone to any harm or losing your cell phone. If dropping your phone in water or cracking your cell phone screen is a rare occurrence for you, however, opting for cell phone insurance may be a waste of money. This article will give you the conclusive outcome to decide whether to get your device insured or no.

Well, we all have done it just as dropping off our cell phone on the pavement and hoped that your phone screen wasn’t cracked or broken like a spider web. Probably many of us have had your smartphone settling in a bowl of rice for an hour or two hoping that the puddle you dropped the phone in, has not harmed your cell phone permanently.

Numerous individuals today purchase costly cell phones, similar to the iPhone 8 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. What’s more, when they do, they are opening themselves up to the likelihood of spending a significant total on fixes to their damaged gadgets.

Is the Cell Phone Insurance Really Worth?

In the event that these situations are very familiar, you may have invested in mobile phone protection plans or insurance. Almost certainly, your cell phone carrier has attempted to up-sell this add-on to your monthly plan. In any case, the question arises; is a cell phone insurance really worth? It may appear like an easy decision since the monthly expenses will, in general, be fairly inexpensive, yet when you add it all together, they are really worth.

The cost of mobile phone insurance differs according to the carriers, as does the deductible you will have to pay while getting your cell phone fixed. These insurance costs likewise vary depending upon your smartphone model with the more updated new phone having a tendency to have higher monthly fees.

Mobile phones are ubiquitous and have turned out to be important to professional, leisure and social activities. The cost of a mobile phone is higher, ordinarily well into the hundreds of dollars. To secure it against loss, most manufacturers give a limited warranty to cover certain damages to mobile phones, however, it is for a limited period and might possibly cover perils outside of the mobile phone parts.

There are a few third-party cell phone insurance companies dedicated to electronic devices, their plans are affordable as compared to manufacturer warranties. 

The plans typically cover:

1.         Liquid Damages

2.         Screen Malfunctions

3.         Power Button Failure

4.         Battery Failure

5.         Cracked Screen

6.         Camera failure

7.         Home button Failure

8.         Charging port failure

Note: Many third-party companies do not cover intentional damage, loss or theft.

Final note…

Smartphone has become the center of our lives. Furthermore, given all the data stored inside; everything from our contact to photographs and songs, if anything happens to your cell phone, it can truly interrupt your life. That includes those occasions when your cell phone gets lost, stolen or harmed.

You have to evaluate the amount you need to spend, which company you feel best with and the inconvenience you are likely to have with your device. If you are prone to losing your cell phone, go with the company that offers theft and loss insurance plans.

Well, we know that cell phone comes with a default manufacturer warranty along with it which lasts for a year. But what after this warranty gets terminated? Therefore, you need to buy a cell phone insurance or mobile protection plans that can cover your device after the default warranty expires. This seems to be the right way to get protected from various damages. 

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