6 Smart Tips To File Your Car Insurance Claim Correctly

By September 25, 2018
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When you dream of owning a car, along with the car types, accessories and more, you also need to avail at least a third party car insurance. It is because having a car insurance policy is mandatory by law as per the section of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

Having an apt car insurance policy helps you ask for compensation from your car insurance service provider if you meet with an accident or hurt yourself or a third party.

However, once you have availed of either a third party car insurance policy or a comprehensive car insurance policy, you need to know some tips to help get a claim.

This short post will help you file a car insurance claim correctly so that the purpose of having a policy works the best for you.

Quick tips to help you file your car insurance claim

1. Collect all the relevant information

If your car was hit by someone else’s car, ensure to collect the details such as car and the drivers’ details (if he has not run away). Doing this will help you decide if you need to make a claim on your coverage (if you have a comprehensive plan active) or on the other’s insurance cover. Even if you damaged the car on your own and when there is no other car involved, even then you should assess the value of the incurred damage.

2. Determine what kind of claim you will make

Whenever a third party is involved in any road mishap with your vehicle, you are left with two options – you can either raise a third party claim on other’s insurance cover or can ask for a claim on your own (if you have a comprehensive coverage). The best thing here will be raising a claim on the policy of other’s so that your No Claim Bonus stays intact and you may continue to receive premium discounts in subsequent years.

3. Inform the insurance company

The next and the most vital things in this regard will be informing the insurance service provider about the details of the accident and consequent claim also. It is vital to do if you are raising a claim on your own comprehensive car insurance policy. Inform the insurance company by a due course of time as informing them after a passage of time may not see them registering the claim.

4. File an FIR

A First Information Report (FIR) is necessary if there is a third party that was involved in the accident and you raise a third party claim on their policy. The insurer would demand a copy of the FIR to process your claim further. Thus, ensure to inform the police about the accident and obtain the FIR as early as possible.

5. Receive the No-Trace Certificate from the police

It is important only when there is a case of a theft when your car is stolen. You need to obtain a No-Trace Certificate from the police which will state that they could not trace the stolen car. To get the claim settled, you will need to submit this policy.

6. Raise the claim

Whether you want to ask for a third party claim or your own damage claim, raise your claim and submit the needed documents to process the claim further.

The Bottom Line

The steps that help you to avoid car insurance claim rejection and all that you need to do is – follow it if you want quick approval of your claim.

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